Can't paste text into a file within Dreamweaver 8
October 13, 2006
Dreamweaver | Web Building

Working on a Dreamweaver site the other day, I tried to paste text from an email into the page. When CTR-V didn't work, I tried the menu - but the paste option was grayed out.

It turns out this has something to do with having moved the site files panel over to the left monitor. (Yet another glitch in Window's implementation of a two monitor setup.)

The solution is:

Close DW8 and Navigate as follows:
- Documents and settings
- Administrator or whatever your user account name is
- Application data
- Macromedia
- DW8
- rename the "configuration" folder

Restart Dreamweaver 8 - the problem should be gone.

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Posted by ellen at October 13, 2006 05:07 PM

Dreamweaver recreates the configuration folder which apparently fixes the problem. You can then delete the renamed folder.
Thanks to Pat Jones and Phil on the Macromedia Dreamweaver Google Group for the answer to this bug.

Other people have suggested the following:

  • Change the panels layout.
  • Delete this folder:
  • Quit Dreamweaver, then delete this file -
    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Macromedia\Dreamweaver
    (these folders are normally hidden - you may have to use Explorer > Tools >
    Folder Options to unhide them)
    Restart DW.

  • And see this Adobe Technote:

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Yeah, but then you lose all your extensions and custom ftp transfer types and everything, right?

Yes, as I recall, you do. But it was better than not being able to use DW. Click the Pat Jones and Phil link in the article text - there may be alternatives in that thread that you can use.

Nice sharing.

Many thanks...

Hi there,
Any idea what to do with a iMac? I seem to have the same problem *^^*

THANK YOU!!! It seems to have worked for me.
You should be able to get your custom ftp transfer types in the file, C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration\FTPExtensionMap.txt. Make a backup of it before you delete or rename.

Thanks, this works in CS4 also and does not delete your site connection data or extensions.

Hi Ellen,
Quite a late reply. I forgot about this. Couldn't find the link anymore and stumbled upon it again much later by accident.

I tried the same thing on the imac, but the moment the configuration is changed in name, and I try to restart Dreamweaver it says there is an error with the configuration file, and exits the program again. So renaming again didn't work.

Do you perhaps have another suggestion on where to look for a solution?

Kind Regards,

thanks, it worked!

Great solution. It helped me . Thank You Very Much.

Thanks! Renaming the Configuration directory
worked here.

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