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August 12, 2006
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My name is Ellen Meiselman. I work as a web and elearning developer for the University of Michigan Health System.

This site serves both as a place to explore my interests and as an extra memory space to store the solutions to the software and web development issues I encounter daily. I began writing these posts and articles to avoid having to solve the same problem twice. Hopefully they will help others as well.

Besides the many tutorials available on this site, I've written an article for the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions e-magazine (available with membership):
A Guide to Captioning Windows Media and QuickTime Using Subtitle Workshop

What can you find here?

A museum of my favorite artists
Free Photoshop brushes
Free downloads and code snippets

Drop me a line at ellen@thedesignspace.net.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Posted by ellen at August 12, 2006 06:25 PM

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