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September 14, 2009
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An instructional designer came to me with a Captivate issue the other day. She had converted a working version 3 Captivate file to version 4. The converted file no longer calculated scores properly. There was a walk-through tutorial showing how to use a new web application, then a short multiple-choice quiz with 5 questions. The setting "Show Progress" was turned on, so each question should show a label: "Question 1 of 5, Question 2 of 5, etc."

In version 3, everything had worked fine. In version 4, things looked fine in Edit mode, but at runtime, the numbering was off. The first question was numbered "Question 2 of 7" and it would increment from there.

I immediately assumed it was counting clickboxes from somewhere else in the file, but when I looked at the Advanced Interaction page, Add to Total was grayed out for all buttons and clickboxes, and Track Score was also not checked for any of them. So, I assumed it could not be the clickboxes. Thinking it might be some corruption in the question slides, I re-created all the quiz questions, and yet the problem remained. 

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Posted by ellen at September 14, 2009 06:15 PM interaction.jpg

What I did not notice was that grayed out or not, the Add to Total was checked on all of them. And on the two clickboxes in the document, the Report Score box was checked. Those two clickboxes plus the 5 quiz question slides make 7 questions, in the mind of Captivate 4. 

The grayed-out Add to Total and Report score checkboxes cannot be unchecked without first checking the corresponding Track score checkbox as shown here. 

becomes active.jpg

When Track score is checked, the Add to Total checkbox becomes active and can be unchecked. At this point that item ceases to be added to the total number of questions and points. 


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