Second Life Cheatsheet
June 16, 2008
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Always Run
  • Menu:
    World > Always Run
  • Key Command:
    PC Ctrl-R , Mac Cmd-R)
Run only when you want to
  1. Enable the Advanced menu
    Key Command:
    PC Ctrl+Alt+D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D
    Mac: Option+Control+D
  2. Enable Double Tap Run feature
    Advanced > Character > Tap-Tap-Hold to Run
  3. Key Command:
    Tap, Tap, Hold UP Arrow key (↑) to run


  • Start Flying
    Key Command:
    F or Home

    Fly Upward
    Key Command:
    E or Page Up

  • Fly Downward
    Key Command:
    C or Page Down
  • Fly downward and Stop flying (once you reach the ground).
    Key Command:
  • Change view without moving your character
    Key Command:
    Option+any Arrow key

View (Camera) changes

  • Orbit your view around your avatar
    Key Command:
    Option + left or right arrow
  • Zoom your view in or out
    Key Command:
    Option + up or down arrow
Reset your view to your avatar's view (Useful when you've totally wigged out your view!) Key Command:

Voice Chat:

    The white dot over your head means you have voice enabled.

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