iPhone "No Service" message
October 06, 2007
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NOTE: I've recently posted a better summary of how to troubleshoot this problem, with more fixes, and links to more information. I recommend you take a look at it before getting started: ["No Service" message on iPhone, part 2]

My iPhone started displaying a "No Service" message a few days ago. When it didn't go away, I called the ATT Wireless people. Here are the easy steps to cure the problem:
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Posted by ellen at October 06, 2007 02:19 PM

  • If you have a 3G phone, try this before trying the next steps (thank you Lindsay, Joe and Leonard!): Go to Settings: General: Network: Disable 3G. Then reset your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings:General:Reset.

  • Click Reset Network Settings

  • Enter your passcode if you have created one.

  • Click the red button: Reset Network Settings

  • The iPhone will take a minute to shut down, then it will reboot.
  • Hopefully, service comes back.

    While I was waiting for someone to help me, I started the process on the Apple Support site to get my $100 Apple Store Credit for early iPhone owners. As soon as the iPhone rebooted, the confirmation message came through. Nice way to check the connection!

    NOTE: December 28, 2008 - if you are here because your iphone stopped working TODAY (Dec. 28, 2008), AT&T is having problems in some states, probably related to the high winds. See this forum for more

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    Thanks! That worked for me too. The only thing that I might have done to trigger the bad behavior was spending all day yesterday in an area with no service.

    I spent a few hours in a No service area today and my phone never recovered! I tried this and it didn't work! Any other suggestions?

    This worked great. I had a no service message and it appeared as though the battery was dead. After resetting I have service and the battery is showing up as charged. Thanks for the post.

    Thanks for the helpful post! Ran the battery down today pretty low for it to function properly. This fixed it right away.

    Be aware that if you have a Wi-Fi connection set up, the settings will be set back to the default and Wi-Fi passwords etc. will be lost.

    you are effin' awesome.

    God Bless you thanx!

    Thanks so much for your help! I had missed so many calls and tried uninstalling my itunes because it wouldnt sync. You fixed it! Awesome!

    Rather than a data reset, I did a direct reboot (described in the iphone user guide)

    Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and
    the Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    I did hard reset, but didn't work. Finally,
    I had to eject the sim card and reinsert it. That did it for now.

    Thanks a bunch. I couldn't figure out what was going on.

    thank you so much!! good karma points for you!!

    Thanks. This worked.

    Thanks for posting this quick and easy solution!

    Thanks a lot - I had emailed AT&T and their email back to me was that they would contact me within 2 days!! I re-set and had Phone Service again immediately.

    I was running on a 1.1.4 3.9 bl and i solved my problem by reflashing the bl to 4.6 and downgrading the baseband to 04.02.13_g and installing firmware 1.1.2 ... i then unlocked using geohot method and now my phone works perfectly.

    i was getting random no service about twice a day and sometimes it was for about an entire day.

    I hope this will help ... sry for my english

    woohoo worked for me too. Thanks a bunch!

    Worked for me too! You rock!

    Thank you! Much easier than talking to a phone tree.

    OMG it worked!!! Thank you so much. It took all of 30 seconds to fix it!!

    Ooo wee!!.. you were first hit on google :) thanks , worked like a charm

    Thanks, it worked! Preciate chya.

    Hi there ,i upgraded my iphone to 2.0 by total accident as i know better . I went through the correct procedure to restore it back to its unlocked status , but now i have no service , and there is no carrier tab in the settings menu ????!!!! Any suggestions , or possible solutions !!!?? Thanks very much for your time !!!!!!


    Just wondering did you fix your NO SERVICE problem, My phone has the same message ever since I down graded to 1.1.4...any ideas how to fix?


    i have version 2.0 and fully unlocked. all works apart from no service message. this only started after 3 months of having the phone.
    i restarted the phone and unlocked again but same fault!

    Please Help. Im close to starting lose the will to keep it!

    For those who downgraded from software 2.0 to 1.1.4.....if your phone shows no signal...it may be because you activated your phone before completing jail breaking.....if using Iliberty....(worked for me) make sure check jailbreak *DO NOT CHECK ACTIVATE* and even though you are using the at&t network check both unlock and unlock using 3.9fb...in stall all 4 apps if you want to,,,,,then do not check any utilities....(BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED YOUR PHONE ON ITUNES....IF YOU DID YOU CAN REINSTALL ITUNES AND THAT MAY FIX THE ISSUE) the big point here is that you do not leave it up to other programs to activate your phone...if you want to be able to use your phone you must wait and activate it on itunes yourself...by activating i mean setting it up like naming it and what not....also dont reload from any backups

    I sometimes work in a building that has no reception and while in there I have the "no service" message, which is fine. Everybody who works in the building with any phone has the same issue. But when I leave the building and go outside where I normally have strong signal, my phone stays non-functional with "no service" message until I remember to take steps outlined above to restore service. This is nonsense and should be fixed. I don't want to have to continually check my phone to make sure it is 'on' and I can receive calls.

    Hello, I realized that I miss the option "CARRIER" in the settings menu. Can someone help??

    Please Please help, my 2G iphone unlocked with QuickPwn has no service! I have located the problem which is in SETTINGS > PHONE > CALL FORWARDING > although the call forwarding is set to OFF it says there is an error, thus resulting in no service! I have tried to restore and unlock again, and have tried different sim cards with no luck. Does anyone know how I can solve this issue?
    Many thanks, any help would be grateful

    I had this problem today and boy!, it is frustrating. I browsed through Apple support and bunch of other forums before I figured out a 'workable' solution.

    I feel this error has got lot to do with ATT than Apple. Apparently, ATT's 3G network is not the best and the signal keeps wavering. Sometimes it goes completely off. Ideally, when iPhone is tuned to 'Enable 3G', it should automatically pick up 'Edge' in the absence of 3G - which it does most of the time. But sometimes, the phone crashes and displays 'No Service'. And here is what worked for me.

    I disabled 3G. The phone was working fine with 'E' network. I made couple of calls just to validate the connection. And after that, I went into settings and enabled 3G again. I had a 'No Service' briefly and the phone picked up 'E' network, indicating 3G signal was low or not existing at the moment.

    Hopefully, the phone will pick up 3G when it is available.

    Worked for me too on a brand new iPhone 3G - software 2.2. Got bored waiting for ATT tech support and found this page the same way everyone else did. The only downside is that it loses the WAP password for my WIFI, which is a tedious pain to re-type.

    I would see the No Service status along with E or sometimes 3G, no voice calls but data still worked!

    HELP! ive got an iphone with no service problem,i restart my phone while waiting for signal to fully respond i call any number and it was successful(for 6 minutes) but if i will end the call the signal starts to crash.now im starting to lose confidence on apples product.

    Didn't work for me.. the Apple company didn't help me to resolve it either.

    Thanks man!! worked for me.....you are the one......!!!

    Man, AT&T and/or the iPhone are hokey. I had Virgin Mobile and a $20 phone (basically as cheap as you can get for phone or carrier), and never once had any problems whatsoever with service. Now because I ride the train every day to work and go through tunnels, I constantly have to restart the phone because it BS's itself into thinking it doesn't have service. Can't they be smart enough to have it automatically re-check or something? Seems this definitely should be fixed in a firmware update, it's complete BS to have this crap going on with a $300 phone and a $75 / month service fee. Insane.

    Scratch my above post. Turns out that even just when I'm sitting in the office the phone will go to no service. After I swear profusely at someone for selling me a defective phone that costs $300, I'm getting a replacement.

    You guys are amazing! Thanks for sharing the solutions! Unfortunately resetting my network settings didn't work, but turning off 3G did the trick! Thanks!

    tried ur instruction, but mine is the 'waiting for activation' messAge.

    Resetting the network worked for me! Thanks!

    mine doesn't work...still show no service...need help

    Awesome Worked for me to. I noticed my Edge icon is a circle now for some reason, Does anyone know the reason for this?

    Legend! Thank you so much!

    Resetting my phone did not work but turning off the 3G and restarting the phone worked like a charm. Thank you!!


    Turning off 3G and restarting the phone worked for me also. Thanks, Lindsey, for the hint. (I tried the network reset first, but it didn't solve the problem).

    Running iPhone OS version 2.2.1 on a 3G phone.

    Before resetting network settings (and lose all your settings) try this:
    go to settings - general-network: disable 3G and then reset Iphone
    I tried all other recommendations only this one worked

    You are my hero!! I have only had my iPhone for 1 week and was distraught - your instructions worked like magic!! Thanks so much :-)

    i install the 2.2.1 version on my phone and now i have no service.
    can someone help me?

    i did tried anything, turning off 3G connection, resetting network, restart iphone, set the carriers to auotmatic, anything. but still no service, kinda frustrating now. can anyone help?

    Pure Awesomeness!!! Thanks a million

    I turned off 3G, restarted and turned it back on. This worked, but then it happened again to me later.

    I'll try the network settings reset next time it happens and see if that fixes it for good???

    Thank you!! It worked for me, too!

    Thanx soooo much!!

    i had to reset the network 2 times, but worked also for me:
    FFM, Germany, Simyo (eplus network).

    You might find some useful tips here http://diepgangnl.blogspot.com/ as well

    I tried troubleshooting all the different ways i could find by people online. What worked for me is to restore the phone to the original settings. Sometimes the apps can be the issue. It may end up being a bad download. When you restore the phone I suggest putting a couple apps back on a day at a time. Then you can narrow down what the problem app may be. At that point delete it from itunes and redownload it from the app store (don't worry you don't have to pay again.) Hope this works for some others.


    hey guys i tried all of the ideas you said but my phone still continually will not get service.. it sometimes gets a minimal amount if i leave it in the one place for a while.. which becomes pretty frustrating.. but i was wondering does anybody have any ideas about what i should do??

    Hi All

    I have an Iphone 1.1 and we have unlocked this and i had used this for 4 months it worked fine and all of a sudden i am facing NO SERVICE issue there is no network all others are woking fine.
    I tried in resetting network and phone but no use can someone help me in this.

    Great! worked for me.
    iPhone 3G (2.2), 8GB

    Unbelievable, this actually solved the problem!

    I was experiencing no network service for the first time yesterday. I thought it was because of the part of town I was in, but 24 hours later the problem persisted. I suspected the AT&T network;

    However,this was the first thing I tried and it worked.


    Thanks for the help. Had the "No Service" message and followed your easy steps and reset my network settings. Iphone rebooted and I have a restored connection.

    thanks for this help. for the first time since getting my phone a few months ago the no service issue came up and this is where i came to.

    Hi there, it seems to be working for now after trying this but I was wondering if I could turn 3G back on once I have done this or if that would just start the problem again?


    With O2, changed to Voda and barely much better. Is it that i upgraded to 3.0 from 2.2.1 or just coincidence? No Service make me wanna chuck the bloody thing in the bin but im addicted to the iphone - someone help with 'no service' there has got to be an app or somink?????????????????

    hi everyone..i wanna ask kinda same problem..
    but the different is..i buy my iphone in malaysia, coz i currently study here..it's come fully unlocked..now i still in malaysia when i try to use my indonesia sim card, but there is "no service" from my sim card..
    i check from the carrier, oni got "AUTOMATIC, MAXIS,DIGI,n CELCOM(malaysia's sim card)." did i should change it to other network?or how? coz if i use my indonesia sim card here,usually got network,oni wif malaysia provider.

    wat should i do wif it?
    did my iphone nt unlocked yet?
    pliz help me..i'm goin back to my country on 18 this month..thnx a lot..

    not working,
    i disabled 3g, restored it again n again n again,
    it just tells searching... , and the it tells no service, shows |_ _ _ _. help please.

    I'm having problems too.

    I've turned 3G off and have reset the network twice but I still can't get more than a bar at absolute best (I usually have 5 at work). My colleague has an iPhone on O2 as well and isn't having any problems with signal which rules our reception.

    Please help!

    Hello everybody, I found a stupid solution for this problem

    whenever u have the no service problem, take out ur SIM card and use in any other phone (I use my wife's nokia) and try to make a call (I call my land line) then I put back the SIM card from the nokia to my iPhone and in 10 seconds I get the full bar and can receive and make calls

    Hope this works for you, as I said, its a stupid solution, but hey it is at leats a solution ;)

    Thanks for the helpfull post.
    My wife phone had the "no service message" and it recovered using your advice.
    This is the kind of post that really help people Thanks again

    thanks, lindsey, i disable the 3g and it worked . All am asking is that will turning the 3g on trigger the problem.

    Worked for me. Thanks!
    Just be warned (as mentioned by another poster) that you WILL have to re-enter your wifi info.



    I have a problem with my iphone,it drop out of service (no service) after a frend restored it with a program that showz pinnaple instead of apple i need some help pleases5555

    I have a problem with my iphone,it drop out of servic (no servic) after a frend restored it with a program that showz pinnaple instead of apple i need some help pleases5555

    Thanks, worked like a champ. Googled "iphone no service" and 30 seconds later my phone was working. Right on!


    Thanks a lot! Fixed my issue. My phone was saying a Restore was needed from itunes. Itunes would not restore, so I was in kind of a catch 22. This worked

    This worked for me.Thanks a dozen Ellen

    thank you for the info, it worked i appreciate it.

    Hi Elen
    please help me out
    i have updated my iphone 3G to 3.0 and now its giving me No Service after some time i have tried all what you have said above now still nothing :(
    can u please help me out

    Service drop out on me today, tried resetting,plugging into itunes, nothing.
    Then found this site.
    WICKED all sorted.
    Turned off 3g, then network reset phone came back to life with full service.
    Thanks Guys

    I keep getting a NO SERVICE with a strong signal on my new 3G iPhone. Very frustrated. It works when I drive to a different cell phone area but it won't connect in my own area. It worked fine for a few days then quit and it refuses to connect in my own area. I've tried everything suggested several times and fooled with for two days. Please help

    May be your sim have trouble, try with another sim ?

    had this same problem for weeks now, driving me crazy! just tried the ideas suggested on this page and it still didn't work. So i tried the old fashioned technique of throwing it against the wall, now have full signal!! yes! i probably shouldn't encourage this though.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I just removed and re-inserted my SIM card (after Googling to find out how to do it). This worked immediately. This has saved me heaps of time and anxiety as I am dependent on my phone for my consulting business. Looks like I was impacted by being in a no service area when I was in Roma (500klms west of Brisbane, Queensland).

    Worked great for me with my iphone 3GS!

    I have a problem with my Iphone 3g 8gig. icant make or receive calls it says no service on the top left corner. itried these Reset Netwok Setting thing ,it rebooted and still there is no signal.
    Please help im missing very important call

    Genius. Worked a treat. I had been without a signal for a few hours. No web apps worked even though it showed the 3G logo and all bars of network.

    Resetting networks and losing WiFi connections was a small inconvenience compared with the alternative.

    Thank you.

    I love you, thank you so so much!

    Dear Ellen
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
    You are a hero.
    Thanks so much.
    Worked perfectly.

    Ellen I love you this worked out so well thank you so much!!!!

    To all those the above recommendations didn't work, please be sure your phone bill's paid and your line has not been suspended.

    Looks like 3G is down in NJ. disabling 3G and the phone works. But with it on, no dice.

    I Updated my iphone to 3.1.2 version and now when i go to Setting-General-About.. the network is Not Available, what i do???


    After searching everywhere the way to solve this same problem, i eventually found it.

    I've read on google unable to load network list and next to it written "Ultrasnow". Then I realised I had a problem with it on ROCK app.
    So I decided to uninstall Ultrasnow and

    Tadaa, NOT IT IS IT !

    So if you have ultrasnow app from Cydia or Rock, unsinstall it and it should be ok.

    4 hours of search.

    WAW, sooo happy

    Good luck

    Had the NO SERVICE problem on my iphone 3G that was on 3.1.2 and a baseboard of 05.11.07 and a Bootloader version 5.09

    Tried for 24 hours non stop to get it to work, and read hundreds of posts on the issue.

    Finally found this :
    Method 4 (via YouTube, user reda92):

    1. Reset Network Settings. 99% of your success rate will depend on this. (You can find this in settings - general and to the bottom you'll see a "reset" menu in which you can find this)
    2. Reboot your iPhone
    3. Wait a little over a min.
    4. Remove your SIM card and re-insert it back in
    5. Wait 30 sec.
    6. Turn on Airplane mode and wait 10 sec. (This is important as well)
    7. Turn of Airplane mode, you should see "searching" and should pick up the carrier's signal.

    My iPhone 3G often gets in the mode where it says it has full bars and 3G, but times out trying to connect to the internet, and when I make a call it just never connects (although it says it does on the screen). I can fix both problems by turning the phone off and then back on again, but that should not be necessary on a good design. Is there a software fix in the works for this?

    i have a brand new 3gs iphone. i met up with a lady to unlock it so ic an use it with tmobile. if i do what some of you say and reset it , will i have to have it unlocked again then ? it says the carrier is not available and i dont know how to change it to say tmobile. pleasee help ! thanks

    Thx, why did i not check online before i reconfigured the hole f**k phone. This works perfect. No i just need to reconfigure all my settings from my backup

    Tks. Fixed the no service 3gs well done wish you lots of goodness and not quite so much on the blighter that sold me on this overpriced piece of gadget flippance....tulipmania has become iphone mania. I feel like Ive been caught, again grrrrr my views have ben known to vairy.

    im first use iphone at malaysia kuantan~! no ppl know know to fix it~! some 1 help me~!!! im reset also cant~!

    my iphone was just an ipod for 4 month...because of network problem....then after a long time i thought i might give one more try...so then i have restored my iphone then jailbroked with 3.0 fw...then tried to install ultrasn0w and had problem with that for while..when downloading complete update..then i tried all those suggestion like to install ultrasnow but no luck..still no service..then suddenly i remebered that i had sim cover from rebelsim...then i removed the cover and inserted the sim again then it worked all call is going al in coming call is coming..no problem at all now....i know some iphone user is facing problem like they get the signal and can make call easily but cant recieve any call which i had too..but today after a long time my ipod become iphone....cheers

    My wife is delighted!! i fixed her phone!! (weel you did cheers Bud ;-)

    I have an iPhone with AT&T service. On trip to the far SW corner of New Mexico (roughly 5 miles north of Mexican border and 5 miles east of Arizona border)I had full set of bars but "CelTel" was showing beside the bars (which I had never seen beore). I could not make outgoing calls or texts, but could receive incoming calls and texts. I was also using a Cell Phone Signal Amp that apparently boosts the signal from 0.4 to 3.0 watts. Can someone advise me regarding this problem? Thanks!

    Thank you sososososososo much omg u saved my life


    Hi, Ive tried all the tips on this site and have not been able to fix the issue. I got my iphone 3GS 3 weeks ago and the first week it worked fine, then one night I started getting the no service issue. Ive been on the phone with apple and my provider, nothing fixed it. I got a new sim card, also no fix. I can drive 2 minutes away and have full service again. Ive never had service problems at my house before!

    Does anyone know what to do?! It would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Im very close to throwing this phone at apple and demanding my money back so I can get a blackberry!

    Hi, I have a iphone 2G using in india and gifted from USA. I have upgraded the version from 1.1.2 to the latest 3.1.2 and unlocked using blackra1n. Now the problem is that NO SERVICE message display and even i tried to reset the network settings from general tab but not getting any success.

    does any one know that how can i solve this problem?
    Please some body help me out. I am losing my hope. I spent so many hours on this but not getting any solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just experienced this today. I was in an area with no service all day and then could not get connected when back in an area with coverage. Resetting network did the trick. Thanks again for posting info.

    i am also experiencing 'no service' for the past 1 day. i have iphone 3G jailbroken and i am using it in India. It usually happens after i switch it back from airplane mode. Usually restarting the phone works but this time its been more than a day..

    Will the network restore unjailbreak the iphone?
    Do i have to jailbreak it again?

    Kindly help... its super frustating...

    i have got many issues with Iphone 3gs.. unable to setup airtel gprs settings on 3gs... where do i find EDGE option in 3gs?....what is all about " internet tethering." can anyone help me to find all these.... and one more big problem my iphone doesn detect wifi anywhere... what can i do now....plsssssss

    hi.i got the problem of no service as well on iphone 3g.but when i restart it,it says restore from itunes.i have restore it to 3.1.3 but after this i still got the same problem of no service.

    Haha, im a total sadcase when it comes to technology, so i was ecstatic to fix this by myself=]

    Does anyone know how to fix the same problem but if you have the iphone with tmobile for the service? I have an unlocked phone but keep getting no service or searching... I will do this and it will work for a few moments, thanks.

    I have tried all the above and all solutions who can find to no avail: it's seems to be a hardware issue that can be easily resolved - at least for 2g


    i tried restarting my phone and resetting my network, it doesn't work as well. i'm in a foreign country now by the way. i .tried changing the "Carriers" to the local line, but nothing works as well. any other suggestions ?

    I have a 3 day old 3G S and today i turned off wifi and 3g when on a training day and then towards the end of the day i realised i had the No Service message, i still have it now when at home but if i put my sim into my old phone i have a perfect signal.

    I've tried resetting the network settings above but this has not worked, any suggestions???

    I just posted an updated and more complete summary of how to troubleshoot this problem:


    maaaaannn.....u r amazing hu ever u r!!! dis is brilliant av been using ma i phone as i pod fpr da past month or so...i did the network reset nd da smile on ma face was priceless wen i saw da network bars all up agen
    thank you thank you thank you

    thanx man this worked very well why does it do the no service thing this is crazy it really fustrated me for about the whole day!!!!!! finally got it workin because of checking your post thanx!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!! I havent had my iPhone very long and had no idea what I must have hit?? (As others wrote, I was in a no service area but only for a couple of hours) (Did Network Reset) THIS WORKED!!!THANK YOU!!!!!

    hi. everytime i make a call with my iphone 3g it lost network and a few second after it says ''restore needed'cannot make or receive call...
    i have restore it more than 10 times but still the same problem.i have also try to reset my network but still not good..please help me

    I did not get network signals cause i did whatever you have written in your massage so further if u have any kind of idea then plz try to co-operate as soon as possible.

    Gokarna Gurung
    Australia. Auburn

    For those of you still having trouble, please see my more complete article on this problem:

    Troubleshooting "No Service" messages on iPhone, part 2

    Thank you!!!

    thank you so much !

    Brilliant, thank you Ellen!! You're an absolute legend. Nb you've just saved me about (my usual) hour's wait on my telco's customer non-service line. That is, if they'd have let me though the menu maze that sometimes ends up hanging up on me (!#@#$% Australian telcos). Thanks for taking the time to help out IT challenged people like me, it's much appreciated.

    I have been having this problem for a while, "NO SERVICE".
    This is what I did:
    1. leave the power on during this process.
    2. remove SIM card, clean contacts on card with eraser (may not be needed but its what I did)
    3. reinstall SIM card
    4. turn airplane mode on for about 10 seconds
    5. turn airplane mode off
    Beats having to wait until I get home to reset the phone.
    Good Luck

    No need ultrasn0w or any unlock tool if u are base-band 04.26.08 just download pwnagetool 3.1.5 and fw-3.1.3 make costom restore expert mode. don't go to DFU mode open itunes then press (mac alt) or (windows option) key click restore. Then find a file iPhone1,2_3.1.3_7E18_Custom_Restore.ipsw click it
    Thats it

    Damn You AT&T i really wanna switch service. Besides the fact that their network is crap, their customer service is terrible, and they are extremely quick in adding charges once you forget to pay a bill, and they'll give u no slack.

    Anyway, for all u 3G users: the problem is that their network is just, like i said, crap! too slow to pick up 3G. so to solve the problem u just have to turn it off, which is some of Bull@#$%(!!!) considering the high fees and all that!!!

    It worked...thanks!!!!


    I was so worried about my new iPhone with no service and this worked! Thanks a millz!

    Thats what i get for spending a day in a dead zone.
    thanks so much

    thanks, your steps worked for me, however, if i turn the 3g back on, it goes back to "no service" any suggestions?

    I have a Iphone 3G with 3.1.2 , o5.11.07 and bootloader 05.09 can I unlock it? Because I just used blackrain and blacksnow and now I have the no service problem with many differant sims

    When I insert any sim card in my iphone 3g 8gb 3.1.3 (7E18) firmware 05.12.01 it doesn't get any signal. What should I do ? Please help me.

    heyyy omg please helpp me a box on my iphone keeps poopping up saying network lost please choose another celler network as this one is unavailable ive tried resetting it and then it said waiting for activation this may take some time then i waited and it said network lost :( itried restoring it on the itunes cause a lady from optus said tooo and omg its not working can u pleaseee help meee

    THANKS! i tried resetting the network settings but that didnt work then i read down further and saw someone say something about turning the 3G thing off then resetting and it worked!! Thankss so much :)

    didnt work for me? mayb mines propa ruined???

    hi have tried all but not one thing would work has any body got anymore ideas

    i try all that but is still doing the same no service to my iphone i do all the necessary thinks still the same.

    NOTHING helps ((((( I need another genius idea

    Thank you! I'm so relieved this worked : )

    just unlocked my iphone 3g with redsnow 0.9.4 and firmware 3.1.2 and since then i have been getting 'no service' message. please someone should help me out with ideas on how to tackle that.

    Taking the sim card out did it for me thanks dudes tubuler

    Right, I have this problem
    I went to Germany, and on the plane there I put my iPhone 3GS (with orange) onto Airplane mode
    When we landed in Germany, I put the Airplane mode back off again, and I had no service
    I have been resetting my network settings and restarting my phone every day, hoping it will work, but I still have no service
    I have also noticed my battery going down a considerable amount during the day, even when I leave it alone. I did take a lot of pictures on the first day, but I have left my phone alone all day on the other days, and the battery is going down really quickly
    So if anyone knows how I can fix my problem with the no service, I would be very grateful (: thanks

    I have been working on this issue NO SERVICE all night so many msg boards, youtube video's i finally figured out what the problem is, with the message NO SERVICE, it is the logic board that is connected to the sim card, I took mine out an switched with another, worked like a charm!!!! Im back up an running

    its a very simple fix, its only about 7 screws, and the inside connectors.

    i've taking my iphonen3g apart. now i've put everything back in normal(together), and it's shown "no service" if i didn't put together in the right place the power won't turn on.i'd tried everything, every help ideas from utube...google but it still no helping...so what's the problem? can anyone help me...i need help bad...thankx alot

    I AM IN LOVE WITHH YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU, i was just going to pay money to fix my money, and thank god i saw this website . i love you i love you i love you ! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :D

    If this doesnt work for you, you can try...
    Turning Airport mode on...
    Then removing the SIM card...
    Then turning airport back off...
    And finally put the SIM card back in...
    or any other combination of airport and SIM...

    Hi all,

    I have an Iphone 2G and the "NO SERVICE" problem. I really tried everything I found on youtube and different websites. I also returned many times to 1.1.4 and try Ziphone, iLiberty+, iPlus... I can jailbreak but I don't have data connection, I can't call or SMS. I tried also BootNeuter but still nothing. I know it is not a hardware problem because in some places I have a very weak signal and then No Service again.
    My Iphone is actually an Ipod, I really need help :(

    I have an I phone unlocked and jailbroken. When I put my t-mobile sim card in it, it has service for about 1 min. Then the bars go down one by one and then it says no service. Any help?

    Thanks so much!! This worked after my os 4 iphone update.

    God Bless you kind person, this worked like a charm!

    worked like a charm love the apple

    hi, i have an iphone 3gs with firmware 3.1.3, i jailbroke it and unlocked it with spirit/ ultrasnow;
    worked great for a few days, then on sunday i got a "no service" message.
    i reactivated the phone with the original carrier sim; got back the signal, but after a minute or 2 ,i was back with the 'no service' message.
    i have restored many times since but i get the signal for a two minutes and it goes back to no service.
    I tried the airplane toggle,uninstalling ultrasnow, disabling 3G, etc etc
    nothing works.

    any help will be deeply appreciated;

    kind regards,


    yes, Yes, YES!!! i didn't know i was blind, but you... YOU have opened my eyes. The first thing i saw? my neighbour get out his wheelchair and walk to the shop to buy a top up for his i-phone.

    and me juniper bushes have come out nice...

    thank you for posting this it so works tryed every thing else neally all day tryed this and it took only min and it work straigth away thanks

    I had to get a new simcard... After using simcard in other cellphone i had the same problem. So it wasn't my iPhone....

    @ steveg (march 5 post), I was too suffering from the 'no service' issue. The direct reboot sorted out the problem.

    Thanks a ton

    A reset of the network settings WORKED! Thanks

    ohh man u saved me with this one man even tho this thred is really old.. Kudos to u my friend and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you! my wife will be eternally grateful. You saved my marriage and saved me a trip to the mall.

    Sweeet!! thanks alot mate :) network is back!! was getting worried!


    For those who tried and still have no service. Try this, I turned off both wifi and 3G, and the service came back on. (Give it about a min or so) I don't know why this happened though.I will still have to go fix it, but at least it can last you for a few days before you can get help. I hope this helps.

    So many thanks. You are an absolute legend my friend :D

    cheers, thank you for help

    The originally posted solution might work, but it is rather more complicated than necessary. Just eject your SIM card, clear the dialogue that pops up on the screen, and then reinsert your SIM card. It is that easy!

    Worked for me.! Thanks.!

    I went through all of this after replacing my iphone and found out that when I synced I lost service. The key was from another web site where you turn on and off the airplane mode. Wow, what a software glick.... well works now after 3 hours of hell.

    I tried this method and it didn't work. My phone hasn't had reception for days. I thought the update would help, but it didn't work. Now all it says is "Waiting for activation". Does anyone have a solution?

    Thanks heaps you rock!


    I have a Iphone 3g.i have had signal problems from day 1.the "no service" sign comes up time after time.some time it does not come for days but sometimes it there for a good part of a day.it just pops up even when i am in a good reception area.i have tried all the methods stated above;resetting the network settings,airplane mode on/off,taking the sim out etc.nothing had worked.the signals do come for a minute or so when i try these methods but then they just disappear.

    I NEED HELP :(!!!


    No service MSG appears again and again
    when I am moving from places the phone has full tower
    but at my house No service

    was earlier on 4.0.1 then switched to 3.1.2 and now no 3.1.3 but these techniques didn't solved ny thing on my 3g 16 gb

    all above methods failed to work
    call drop also happens often
    sick and tired of this please somebody help me out
    I am very much frustrated

    please any body with some help for my poor iPhone contact me

    please help

    I am having the same issue. Nothing has worked. I have installed different versions of firmware and still nothing. Any help?

    I restored my iphone 3G when I shouldnt have as i live outside the UK and the US. I bought it in the UK and I live in asia. It was then on recovery mode..the one with the USB and itunes icon connecting and i could only make emergency calls. I then blackra1n it and finally it works! wifi is ok.. only problem is my sim card is invalid. how do i unlock the sim card?? it shows 'No Service' pleeease please help!

    This is what I was looking for.

    i had the same problem,my iphone 4 was jailbroken and im nt very techy so i kept on downloading stuff from the wifi and one day i downloaded winterboard frm cyndia and went to the themes section and "checked" everythng on the list and after tht i startd seeing tht "no service" message on the top but i reset the network settings twice and now everythng is fine,i was jst wondering if winterboard has sme problem or if its unsafe or smethng coz the new theme i set on my iphone had ths weird message on my lock screen and for a second i thot smeone hacked it...

    nothing is workin for mine it just says no service whenever i try do your advice what do i do? can somebody give me any advice and that would be amazing ? thanks x

    my head has been done in ive tried everything but no bloody service!! AAAHHH is there someone we can phone and speak to?????

    Worked perfectly on my Iphone 4, thanx!!


    i am having this prb 2

    i have no service i tried every thing but nothing worked
    i am so sad and need my iphone

    and its 3gs ios 4.0.1 plz help

    I still get these annoying messages all the time. No network coverage. I have a unlocked iphone in different country. It works great but I get these messages all the time!

    Had the same problem for 2 days & tried all the above techniques and it still doesn't work...called up my service provider and they say it's the result of mast maintenance work in the area and should be resolved in 3 days and i also got £5 off my monthly payment :D.Just hope it's resolved in 3 days...bdw does anyone know if apple/service provider can tell if your phone has previously been jailbroken?

    it dnt work i tried wat next

    Hello Haseeb!

    No, Apple can't tell this. There were rumours out there saying that apple brought a jailbreak watermark to the firmware 4.0, but that's a lie. No one has proved that this watermark exists.

    worked me too.. Thanks

    i also had this very same promlem and quite recently iv had a lot of problems due to mistake of uploading to 5.14.02 which meant i had to devteam had release the new yellow snow! so iv just spent 15-20 minutes pissing around with the settings and what not. now what i have found is that if you simply turn off your 3G, that did the trick for me, i hope this helps anyone else!! <:

    Method works for me as one guy explain above...

    Just remove Ultrasnow repo from your cydia, after that just press respring, it work like charms...Thanks Guys...

    hi.i am in uk.i have a iphone4 32gig.it says o2 but is no signal lines .i am unable to make or receive calls.CAN anyone can help PLEASEEEEEEEE.

    I can fix ur phone if reseting the settings doest work email me at infamist1986@hotmail.com i send u step by step instructions

    if i do what he said will it erase my jailbreak and unlocked iphone? because i put my sim card in it, it says no service

    I tried everything and finally turned off the 3G network. That finally worked.

    Reset Network Settings worked for me.
    I am wondering its such a simple solution but why did it not come to my mind before

    hi friend i had a problem,
    i am using iphone 3g 16GB with version 4.1 and firmware 06.15.00,my wi-fi and bluetooth are grayed out and i am not having any network service(No Service)
    plz help me i will wait for ur replay.....


    Man, this is three years later, and you are SOOO awesome -- I did what you said, and was saddened to see nothing happened IMMEDIATELY. Put the phone down... and about 3 minutes later all my messages started buzzing in -- the ones that never arrived taht day. THANKS! It's all fine now.

    OMG... Worked for me too! THANK YOU! I was just short of banging it off the wall, HA HA. I must have gone into a no service zone yesterday and it wouldnt reconnect all day!!

    thank yooooouuu soooo much but why does this problem already exist in the iphone?...like why does it happenz? is it because the network or service sensor is finding it hard to catch the network? thanks again

    our child got hold of our iphone and somehow completely crashed the phone, it states no service and shows the usb port and says itunes.
    I rebooted the iphone using itunes up and running but evertime this happens all phone contacts, email server, etc need to manually be reentered, time consuming.
    The main question is how could we prevent this from happening again? Is there a lock or what is our child doing to make iphone completley crash? my spouses this doesn't happen when our child handles that one>

    someboby please help me i fitted a new back case for my iphone 3gs and now it says no service i have tryed loads of different ways to get my signal back but nothing is working any ideas any 1 thanks rich

    Thanks very very much for your suggest! there is no service center where I am now and your suggestion was my last hope to get my mobile carrier!!! It did work! thank you thank you very much!!!!

    hello anyone help me please.at first my i phone 3G was showing a no service message later on i tried to reset settings by deleting all contents i.e there was a message which said that" erase iphone",after i confirmed its now over three days it does not start it only shows the apple logo but doesnt boot to the window..what will i do to solve this..im urgenly in need

    Will this delete my text messages?

    thanks so much i am not even in the US but this worked for my iphone in the UK thank you so much for this info!!

    This did not work for me....

    awesome...this worked straight away...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP.

    Had the same issue and none of these fixes helped, so I took it to an Apple store. My antenna cable had come unplugged...he plugged it back in and works perfectly now.

    Hi friends, i did the following steps but still i am facing the same problem. Can anyone pls help me in solving the issue.
    It was working while i was on roaming.

    thanks it works for me....

    Thanks man it did solve the NO SERVICE issue from my Iphone 4 (4.3.3). Problem happened right after I uninstall Auto 3G.... You just saved me from restoring my Iphone 4 again... You are awesome!

    All you have to do in order to get the service back is put the phone onto Airplane mode and then take it back off. Within seconds service and 3G network should reappear!!

    Thanks that worked a treat.

    Thank you for the advice! I just got my iPhone 4 today and it was doing the same thing and it worked! THANK YOU!!!

    I just spent a day in agony over the 'no service' message and resetting with iTune only to get the problem again, two hours later.
    This worked fine, sofar.
    (so far so good as the guy said that fell from Crysler building - mid air)

    I tried this but it didn't work, Any other suggestions please?

    Your a legend I did this and it worked I thought the phone I had bought of the internet was stolen ha ha cheers

    thank you so much.it did work!!!

    thanks... that helped me

    aaaah it worked thankss soo muchh( :

    Thank you for these awesome instructions!!!!!

    Thanks alot

    Thanks, thats made my day, instant cure, if only all fixes were that easy.

    Trevor Newman, norwich, norfolk, UK.

    My iphone reboots all the time.how can i solve the problem?

    wow - found this several years later and worked on an original iphone too - thank you so much!!!

    I just got a Iphone of my friend and I am not getting service at my house, but three other Iphones are with optus like me and they are getting service.

    Can anyone help me?

    thank for the help

    Hi, Can you help me please, my iphone says no service, and i tried everything,

    My iphone say "No Service all day and I tried to reset so many times, it is not working for meeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Hey, thasnks a lot for the explication. I'm not very good with all this new high tech applications, but with yr help I managed to make the phone work. Thanks a million again.

    Huge thanks! I was ready to toss the phone!

    Thanx. It worked. My phone was showing 'Searching....'. I reset it and it was ok after that

    thanks for the tips

    yes, my 3GS doesn't like being outside of it's normal Rogers service area. Spent about 4 hrs in AT&T service area then on return to Rogers area it stuck on "no service". Shouldn't a 3GS be able to automatically reconnect to it's home network provider?

    My Iphone 4 just showed NO Service since yesterday December 23 without any update. I'm currently using Gevey Sim and it's working fine before that. Anybody has any idea what's happening.


    awesome! it worked thanks!

    Yeah it works for a while then it did the same thing.

    Cheers mate this helped me instantly :)

    I did hard reset, but didn't work. Finally,
    I had to eject the sim card and reinsert it. That did it for now.

    It didnt work thanx alot

    I disabled 3G and then
    enabled 3G as well as switched off and then switched on the Iphone, it worked , No Service sign was replaced by my network providero2 UK.

    i tried this its worked..thanks broo u save my day..

    It worked for me too, i had no signal on my iphone 3g and now it is working

    Thankyou sooo much <3 thanks 4 the post x

    I love you!!!!
    This happened to me after 3's 3G network fell over in the north east of England. No signal for days, even after it was fixed.
    I don't know if it was the flight mode or the network reset as I tried both at once (not blessed with patience) but it worked!!
    thank you so much :)

    i still having a trouple to my iphone 4 pls kn yu help to set up my iphone 4 i followed all instruction dat kiven to me bt still not wrking thnx

    Glad so many people got help... but I'm still stuck.."No service" still haunting me. I hope it's not a physical problem, like the antenna?!

    My mobile iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 upgrade so was invalid sim

    thank you so much... really helped...

    my iphone 4s keeps on searching for the network, then it shows the network, but when i make a call then one by one the network disappears and the call could not be connected....

    Wow it works great...I spend 1 day with no service...thnks a lot...

    mad props for the post. lifesaver

    That worked for me perfectly. We need to activate WIFI again.

    Thank u very much, It's working 100%

    Helped me a lot, just what I was searching for : D.

    Hi can u help me..i tried already the reset but didnt work..i have iphone4 what shall i do?thanx

    Wow you are the BEST, worked for me thank you very much :)

    my iphone keeps sayin no service and i did all that i can and its still no working what do i do ?? :(

    Myiphone 5, about a year old, began to say: No Service after I had spent about an hour in a building where there was no service or had poor service...Turning the phone on and off did not help...I seemed to have service as I could make calls and recive calls and use internet...After about three days of seeeing "no service" I went to settings and made sure "wi fi" was on and then went to "airplane mode" and turned it off and afer afew seconds turned it back on....The iphone showed service and two or three small bars and then over the nest hour a full 3 or 4 bars....Still working fine...

    Thanks a lot!! It worked for me and saved me from ruining my morning on getting the iphone to work :) God Bless!

    Good post and very helpful.

    hi i have removed this tweak(substarte safe mode) resently and now i have no service !!!pleas tell me what i can to do (hamid_r_h@yahoo.com)

    Thank you , this worked , it is a lifesaver ,, I'm so glad I didn't just up and buy a new phone. I am so grateful for your help

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