Speed control widgets for Captivate
July 30, 2007
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These 2 widgets allow your users to alter the speed (in frames per second) of the Captivate presentation they are viewing. To use them, go to the first slide you want the widget to appear on, select Insert: Animation and set the animation Options:Timing to Display for rest of project, and No transition. When you publish, make sure to copy the animation .swf file to the folder containing your published files, since Captivate will not do this for you.


The first one is a slider which goes from 0-130 fps. Download file

The second is a set of buttons which increment and decrement the speed in units of ten fps, down to zero, with no ceiling. Download file

The slider is based on Slider bar smart clip by Patrick Mineault"

Both files contain frames-per-second indicators, but you can hide them. Both widgets can be reskinned: I have included the source flash files in the zip archives.

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Posted by ellen at July 30, 2007 04:37 PM



I am new to flash and experienced with captivate. I did not see an "author" on the widget, but that is who I am trying to reach.

I like the buttons you have created. I like the fact that you created them in flash and then were able to import them effectivly into Captivate. I have experimented with this idea but have had trouble. I have checked out the ActionScript in the widget you created. I am wondering if you know where I can get a list of "captivate related" action script syntax.

For example, from your code:

fps_indicator.text = this._parent._parent._captivateMovie.m_fps;

In the above, I got lost before I could derive the level at which to interact with the captivate movie. "this._parent._parent._captivateMovie.*" was not something I could derive from scratch...

Thanks for your insight.

I've posted a "how to analyze Captivate movie structure" article, here:


I am trying to add one of the speed control on my capticate demonstration but am unable to do it :-(.

Would appreciate if you can help me by providing the steps as how to add the speed control widget in the demos?

Thanks in anticipation.
Best regards

I won't be able to look into this in detail for a couple of days. However a couple of things occur to me that may be the culprit. This really smells like a security issue to me, but I am not sure.

1. Try republishing from the fla file, with the Publish settings set to Access Network Only. By default it was published with Access Local Files, which should work, but it's possible things have changed since I first built it.

2. The existing swf in the archive is built to support Flash Player 8. Try setting your captivate so that that exports as compatible with flash player 8. Perhaps they both need to be the same.

3. The frames per second of the swf file is 12 - it is faintly possible that that is affecting things but I doubt this is the cause.

OK - I think the main issue is probably that you need to remember to copy the animation swf over to the folder containing your published files. That is where it will be looking for the animation, but Captivate will not copy it there automatically.

I am really interested in this widget, but am unable to bring it into my project. Is it compatible with Captivate 5?

Is it compatible with Captivate 5?

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