Rescuing a corrupt Captivate File
February 02, 2007

If you do any work with Adobe Captivate, you probably have experience with Captivate's tendency to corrupt files. The last Captivate project I worked on gave me a chance to get reaquainted with this feature, so I am posting the solution which saved my work:

First, you must know the exact size of the old project. If you are using an odd size, be sure to note it down. Create a new, blank project at that size. Select "File>Import Slides/Objects" and import all the slides and their objects from the corrupted project. If you don't see any slides to import, you are probably out of luck.

The knowledgebase article on does not seem to be available anymore, but the cached version is still available on Google:

Google cache of the article

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Posted by ellen at February 02, 2007 05:35 PM

In case it vanishes from the cache, I've copied the text below:

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Can I just say thank you very much for this article. You've just saved me alot of work!

Thanks a ton dude! Saved me a 243 slide project and about 20 hours of effort from going waste!

Thank you so much, you have just helped me to rescue over 100 hours of work I thought lost for ever. God Bless you!

This is link for the document from the Adobe KB:

Thank you so much for the post. You saved my life. Saved me from having to re-do the project.

I already tried that! Don't you think I would have tried that? (Remember that scene from War Games?) Yeah, but thanks anyway, this didn't work for me. I hit import and Captivate crashes. Guess I get to start over. I love Captivate!

I tried this as well. NO LUCK! I get to start over as well.

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