Slow, jerky playback of iTunes video
October 07, 2006
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After upgrading to iTunes 7, playback of videos purchased from the iTunes store became unwatchably slow and jerky. The video would play for about 1 second, then freeze, then play, then freeze.

The solution was to turn off the Internal microphone in sound control panel under "Input".

Thanks to Wmatthies on the Apple discussion forums for this idea.

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Posted by ellen at October 07, 2006 07:55 PM


I had the same problem with iTunes v7.5.

I resolved it by getting into Quicktime Preferences, Advanced, and unselected all check boxes under DirectX section, those related to video acceleration.

Now it works perfect!

Had the same problem when upgraded to 7.5 - the DirectX solution worked great!


Sanity restored. Many thanks.

Thanks - that Direct X tip fixed my jerky video issue too!

I tried the fix mentioned by shutting off everything under Direct X. It helped the audio become clearer but the video is still jerking. I just also updated iTunes to V9. The video is jerking and the audio and video are not connected. Any ideas

Jerry, I had the same problem. It's not a fix, but the iTunes videos play just fine on Quicktime.

I'm also having the same problem. Slow jerky music videos. I too was also wondering if the videos would play smooth in Quicktime. Is there a way to have a video launch in QT when it's clocked in iTunes?

MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
iTunes 9.0.2

Thanks for the Direct X like a champ!

Direct X tip worked for me too. Thanks a lot.

DirectX worked fine for me too...thanks for the tip!!!

I have the same problem... tried the DirectX fix, but still video is choppy. Do you have to restart the computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same problem but have tried all of the above and still the video is choppy- any ideas

AWESOME tip. Thank you! The DirectX thing really works. It's always seen a pain in the backside.

I used the mentioned DirectX fix and it worked. I also had to go into the task manager and shut down any programs eating up any of the available working space. I have an old pc and it can't handle running itunes, safari, and norton all at the same time. sad

Upgraded to 10.5 and had this problem pop up out of nowhere. The quicktime/directx fix still works for this problem, thank you! It is incredibly gay that this issue keeps coming up after all this time.

I don't know if you would call this a fix, but it worked for me.
After making sure that ITunes is closed, hold down the Control and Shift keys while re-opening ITunes. This puts it in safe mode. You'll block any plug-ins, but the only difference I saw was that my videos played perfectly again.

I just bought a new iMac 3.4ghz. some of my QT files open but some don't. if they have a QT icon next to them they don't. if the icon is the first frame of the clip then they do.

sometimes when they do I just get the audio; no visual.

all the files work on my older 2.4 ghz macbook.

anyone know why this is happening and what can be done to fix the problem?


I am having trouble playing iTunes videos on my PC using Windows XP. I have the latest version of iTunes but the video is all jerky and stops and starts. The audio is fine. I tried the suggestions about disabling directX in Quicktime but that didn't help. It's still jerky whether or not I view in iTunes or Quicktime (though slightly better in Quicktime). Is it possible to go back to an earlier version of iTunes? I don't recall having this problem before. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

+ 1 for the DirectX, cheers!

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