Getting back my Windows drive shares on my Mac
June 04, 2004
Mac OS X | Windows

I was having this weird problem on the network, and it started suddenly. Everything had been working fine, then suddenly I could no longer connect to my Windows drive shares (from a Win2K box). I could see the server in the finder, but could no longer connect. I would get the error "wrong name or password" with "try again" which would never work.

I'm running 10.3.4 on a Mac in an otherwise totally Windows environment. I need to reach a shared folder on my Windows 2000 computer. I have tried remaking the share, specifying other workgroups in Directory Access on the Mac, and even installing and using Dave which I had not needed since upgrading to Panther. Dave did not help get this share back.

Things got a little messed up when I changed settings too much in Directory Access, and even browsing the network became a dicey proposition for a while, but I got DA back to normal. I finally solved this one after setting it down in frustration for a few days. I did several things, and am not sure which of them actually fixed it:

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Posted by ellen at June 04, 2004 08:05 PM

  1. I turned on Active Directory in Directory Access on the Mac.
  2. I un-installed the checkpoint VPN client from the PC, which I remembered I had installed around the time the network problems started. I had installed it to get some settings off it to use on my home Mac, but perhaps it was interfering with drive sharing.
  3. I remade the shares on the PC being careful to share the entire drive and the folder.
  4. I made sure the share of the drive was not just an administrative share, but the other kind (whatever the heck they call it). So instead of D$ it's D.
  5. I double checked the permissions on the shares to make sure what workgroup and what names were allowed.
  6. On the mac, I connected using "command-K" and then
    instead of

    where D is the shared drive which contains the shared folder.

  7. When I changed the smb:// path as described above and hit "connect" it suddenly asked for my workgroup, name and password! No more "not found" messages. yay!

    Note 12-2-04: I've found that sometimes spontaneously, windows servers will stop being accessible, unless you use their fully qualified name, not just the network name you would accessing them from a windows box:

    So instead of "cifs://server01"
    you would type "cifs://"

    I hope this helps someone else!

    Another note to people that are having trouble accessing a server: you often need to specify the exact share, for example:$ or D$, or you will get "cant be found" errors upon entering your name and password.

    Here are some links to other information that may be helpful with this kind of issue.
    Specifying workgroup in SMB://urls
    Mac OS X and SMB HOWTO
    Auto mount Samba (windows) sharepoints at boot.
    Automounting Sharepoints at Startup
    Avoid error -5000 with SMB from Windows 2003 servers

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