Resolving Error code 0xE8000025 when activating iPhone
July 14, 2007

When I hooked up my iPhone to iTunes the first time, I got "Can't connect to iTunes" with an error code of 0xE8000025.
After a quick browse of the forums and web, I tried several things, but I am not sure which is ultimately responsible for fixing the error and allowing the iPhone to hook up and activate:

1. I had been too lazy at first to swap out the old iPod cable with the new iPhone cable, figuring it was the same thing. It turns out to be slightly different, but I am not sure how different. I put the new cable in its place.

2. Delete the itunes preferences from the user>library>preferences. Thanks to psychotwo for that one.

3. Restarted the iPhone and the computer.

A big NO thanks to apple's knowledgebase which had only This article on the issue when it occurs on a PC, but nothing for Mac.

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Posted by ellen at July 14, 2007 12:20 PM

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I have had the same issue with an iTouch that was initially synced with a PC (horror) and then was to be mated with a Mac (g4 processor). This same approach worked for me - but I also did a repair permissions just in case before restarting both MAC and iTouch.
It is now syncing with the MAC and hopefully will carry on doing so!

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