Make other extensions besides ".shtml" process for Server Side includes
October 30, 2005
IIS Management | Web Building

The default extensions which IIS reads for Server Side Includes are .shtm, .shtml and .stm.

Suppose you want server-side includes to be processed in .htm files also? For example you may have file with the .htm extension which has been on the web for some time and has numerous links pointing at it. You could replace it with a file with one of the allowed extensions, and put a redirect in its place, pointing to the new file. Or, if you have access to the IIS server settings, you could add the .htm extension to the list of files processed for SSI.

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  1. Open IIS Manager and right-click the Default Web Site. Select Properties from the popup menu. The Properties dialog appears.

  2. Select the Home Directory Tab and click Configuration under the Application Settings area.

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    Posted by ellen at October 30, 2005 12:46 PM

  4. Select the App Mappings tab. Scroll down to the .shtml extension. We want to copy the executable path to use on our new extension. Select .shtml and click Edit.

  5. The Add/Edit Application Extension Mapping dialog for the .shtml extension will open. Right click the path and copy it. Click the "Cancel" button to close the dialog.

  6. Now let's add the new extension. Click the Add button. The Add/Edit Application Extension Mapping dialog opens again.
  7. Paste the path you just copied into the Executable field. Then enter the NEW extension into the Extension field. Under the Verbs area, select Limit and enter "GET, POST." Make sure Script Engine is selected. Then click OK.

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