How to publish Powerpoint files for the web
October 10, 2005
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This procedure which will leave you with an original PowerPoint-format (to use in lectures) document, and a web-enabled version:
  1. Create a standard powerpoint presentation. Save it as ProjectName.ppt in the folder you are using for the project. Make sure every slide has a Title. These titles will be used as the titles of the buttons on the left navigation column in your web page. It helps to use a powerpoint template so that you are definitely creating a title with each new slide.
  2. When you are done editing, and ready to make a web version of the presentation, select Save as Webpage from the File menu. The Save As dialog comes up.
  3. Navigate to your project folder in the file list area. Double-click on the folder so that it opens and you are working inside it.
  4. Click the CreateNewFolder icon just to the right of the Save in: box. (the icon looks like a folder with a spark on it.) A New Folder dialog will pop up. Type learningmodule in the Name box.
  5. Hit OK. You will now be "inside" the learningmodule folder.

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  7. Click the Publish button. The Publish as Web Page dialog comes up. Publish what? should have Complete presentation checked.
  8. Click Web Options. The Web Options dialog comes up on top of the Publish as Web Page dialog. Most of the listed options can be left as is, but you may want to play with using different colors for the slide navigation controls - white on black, black on white, etc. Look through the tabs to get an idea of what other options exist.
  9. Click OK to get back to the Publish as Web Page dialog.
  10. Browser Support should be Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.
  11. Under Publish a copy as:
  12. Click the Change button. The Set Page Title dialog comes up.
  13. Choose a title that you would like to appear on the very top title bar of the web page - this can be long and have spaces in it, maybe something like: "Project Name - Corporate Policy" . Type this into the Page title: box. Hit OK.
  14. You'll be back at the Publish as Web Page dialog. look a the path listed under file name. It will probably be something like: C:\documents\path\to\learningmodule\ProjectName.htm
  15. Change the name of the file to
    so it will now read:
  16. what this will do for you is enable you to give people urls like: 

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10x man.. i need that info - going to publish some

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Great info! very helpful!

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