Correcting Subtitle Workshop's Settings for Quicktime Text format
December 09, 2004
Closed Captioning

When using Subtitle Workshop for creating Quicktime captions I found that the settings supplied with the program for Quicktime are incorrect. This can be fixed by creating a new Custom format and saving it in the Custom Formats folder inside the Subtitle Workshop folder.

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Posted by ellen at December 09, 2004 10:44 AM

Put the following into a text file, and save the file as "Quicktime2.cfp"


[Information] Name=Quicktime3 Extension=*.txt Time structure=hh:mm:ss.zz Time=True FPS=15 New line char=[Enter] [Format text] {QTtext} {font:Tahoma} {plain} {size:10} {timeScale:10} {height:40} {width:320} {useMovieBackColor:ON} {timeStamps:absolute} {RepeatSub} [{swStart}] {swText} {EndRepeat}

Then open Subtitle Workshop. I suggest you work in SAMI format until you are ready to save the final version, because Subtitle Workshop treats custom formats a little differently than its native formats: it will ask you to re-choose the format as if you had selected "Save As" every single time you save, which can be confusing. So save in SAMI format until you are finished transcribing.

When you are ready to save the finished file, select Save As and choose Quicktime2.cfp from the list of formats. Double click its icon. It will save instantly, without any real feedback, which is also a little confusing.

Your file will look something like this:

[Format text] {QTtext} {font:Tahoma} {plain} {size:10} {timeScale:10} {height:40} {width:320} {useMovieBackColor:ON} [00:00:00.00] A line of text [00:00:04.20] Another line of text [00:00:06.00] A line of text [00:00:11.13] A line of text [00:00:15.20] A line of text

For the exact meaning of the text descriptors used, see Apple's Quicktime text track documentation here
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