Closed Captioning Part II, Synching SAMI files using MS Producer
October 06, 2003
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Synching Sami files using MS Producer:
I received the MS Producer resources disk in the mail, and it contained one example of a template that has a captioning window below the video area.

To use it, you need to create a "SAMI" file, which is a text file with HTML-style tags to describe the captioning styles and timing for each line of caption text.

Lacking anything better at the moment, I use Producer to do the synching: Play your video in Producer for the length of one phrase, stop it, note the timing, and use "control-tab" to switch to a text editor where the SAMI file is being edited.

I found this procedure a bit slow, and had some problems with getting the exact timing right, but it does work. Complete instructions for captioning with Producer are available as a (Windows-only .exe file !) download HERE

A non .exe resource for understanding SAMI files is HERE

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Posted by ellen at October 06, 2003 08:28 PM

Sami files work with Windows Media Player, but Quicktime has good support for captioning also, using text files that are somewhat similar to SAMI files. A nice outline of the process of captioning a Quicktime file is HERE It also describes captioning with Windows Media Player.

For more on getting captions to work in MS Producer, see 2 Caption Templates for MS Producer

NOTE:Since writing this, I've discovered Subtitle Workshop, which makes the captioning process much easier. See A quick start to captioning with Subtitle Workshop

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