10 places to get Free Fonts
March 24, 2009
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A collection of sites to try when you are looking for free fonts:

  1. exljibris Free Font Foundry

    Nine beautiful designer fonts by Jos Buivenga.

    Picture 28.jpeg

  2. Betterfonts.com

    This site has both free and paid fonts. The free fonts tend toward the oddball, not the type of font you can use daily, but interesting. The paid fonts are very reasonably priced at $4.99, and you can download their top 500 for $2.77.

    Picture 24.jpeg

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    Posted by ellen at March 24, 2009 07:42 AM

  4. 1001 Free Fonts.com

    A nice teaser collection with links to some paid options like ITC fonts, signature fonts, etc. Try the free "Famous" category if you are trying to match the look of a TV show or movie logo.

    Picture 25.jpeg

  5. Abstract Fonts.com

    I love the search engine on this one: it lets you select by font style, then refine FURTHER by look and style. "Select fonts that are Sans and ...3D . Art Deco . Bloody "

    Picture 30.jpeg

  6. Search Free Fonts.com

    A good search feature, reasonably good free fonts, with lots of links to other sites, including font resources and font embedding.

    Picture 27.jpeg

  7. daFont.com

    Some really nice sans-serifs and basic fonts distributed by Bitstream under a GNU GPL type license.

    Picture 33.jpeg

  8. FreeFontSpace.com

    Quirky fun fonts, not so many workhorses. The browsing categories are things like "Cool", "Dingbats", "Distorted", "Futuristic", "Graffiti"

    Picture 34.jpeg<

  9. Creamundo.com

    Search engine is rather difficult to use, no category browser. Since the names are all original, you can't search by familiar terms.

    Picture 29.jpeg

  10. Dieter Steffman

    A library of german decorative fonts and dingbats. Well worth checking out!

    Picture 36.jpeg

    Picture 35.jpeg

  11. The Smeltery

    a French font factory founded in 2002 by Jack Usine to show and share his typographic investigations.

    Picture 37.jpeg

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