Mandelbulb 3D parameter experiments: Set 1 of 3
July 23, 2011
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Last night, starting with this Mandelbulb 3D file, I spent a few hours experimenting with substituting different formulas in one position, holding all other parameters the same.


The results of these experiments are yours to use and expand on. There are one or two variations for each formula. There are plenty of interesting bits to explore in these images, far too many for me to ever do justice to all the possibilities. The images below also may give you an idea of what the different transformations can do. Mouse-over each image to see the filename.

All of these use Amazing Box, ___, Folding Int Pow, and ABoxVaryScale4d formulas with identical parameters, except for the blank which is filled in by whichever formula I was testing at the moment.

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Posted by ellen at July 23, 2011 04:45 PM

Download the zip file that contains this set of parameters.

These parameters are saved as .m3p files that can be loaded and explored in Mandelbulb 3D. The names of the parameter files match the names of the images.The images are also included in the zip file for reference.

If you create something interesting from one of these, post a comment with a link!

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