Synch video with slides in Adobe Presenter
October 08, 2008
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In my search for the best way to synch video with slides, I've tried a number of different software packages. At this time, I've settled on the Rich Media Project's flash extensions as the most reliable way to create synched presentations, but I'm always looking for a better way.

When I came across Adobe Presenter, it seemed like another promising tool for this purpose, and possibly easier for clients to use than anything else so far.

Unfortunately it does not yet seem to be the case, at least not yet. When I tried to sync a video of a lecture with a powerpoint using Presenter, it proved to be a hopelessly frustrating and tedious task.

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Posted by ellen at October 08, 2008 09:31 AM

I want the video to appear in the sidebar, not just on a single slide, and it should continue throughout the presentation, across all the slides. There is no instruction for this type of video use in the various help files, but as far as I could tell, the "official" way to do this was to import the video on every single slide, then use the in/out points in the video preview to trim the duration of the video on each slide. A very tedious process and one that would probably magnify the size of the finished file by about 3000% because of the repeated imports. The death-blow to this approach is that the trim preview works quite poorly at this time, jumping back to the starting point whenever the current time pointer is moved. It is too buggy to be of much use.

Thanks to leo_leoon the Adobe Connect forum there may be a better way, although it still requires finding the time points manually for each slide.

    "There is an indirect way to do this :

    1. Import the video you want to import on slide from where you want video to start playing and publish the presentation

    See /data / viewer.xml . Copy the video tag within slide tag and paste it to slides where you want the video and modify start and stop time accordingly

    This way you will be using single video and there you can modify time when to play and on which slide ."

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Hi. Do you resolve sync video problem of Adobe presenter? Thanks.

No, because I think there is a fundamental issue with maintaining sync: Presenter doesn't pause when there is a slowdown in the video. I actually decided it wasn't usually THAT important to see a talking head throughout the entire presentation. I show the talking head video briefly then revert to narration for most of the slides. Presenter does narration and isolated video clips pretty well. It required a little bending on my part, but then it is so easy that almost anyone can do it, which is a great benefit.

Thanks for the tip. I fought this for hours today and stumbled across the viewer.xml file and am tweaking. Did you figure out what are the times in? for example, I have a sample stop time of 30484. I'm guessing these are in ms and this is 30.484 seconds of video. What did you find out? Any tricks to hacking it?

I use a platform called Arctic fox, it allows you to upload large videos and sync a slide presentation with it easily. It's easily the cheapest easiest and most straight forward solution out there. You do it all online and upload the content, input your slide times and end up with your own url to send out or embedd. Its also the only platform i know about that uses HTML5 so you can watch it on ipads and iphones


Contact Arctic Fox for more info;

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