The difference between target="_blank" and target=_new
January 09, 2007
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If you have ever created links with target="_new" and wondered why all your pages were opening in the same window, even if was behind the current window, it is because "_new" is not actually a generic target. It is a window name, and by using it, you name the first window that comes up "_new".

Thereafter, every link that specifies target="_new" looks for and finds that window by name, and opens in it.

If you use target="_blank," a brand new window will be created each time, on top of the current window.

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    Posted by ellen at January 09, 2007 09:41 AM


    _new can be confusing from the user standpoint. If the "new" window is closed after use, it is not confusing.

    _blank can cause a lot of windows to be opened. Deleting the windows is the answer. But if windows are closed after use, then _new works just as nicely.

    the difference is that, the when you open a page with NEW more than one time, will show the page already opened, but BLANK open more than one time the same page in other guide

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