Drupal RSS feed not working
September 27, 2006

A drupal blog site I set up for a friend has an RSS link in the footer. Clicking it brought up a 404 page. I checked the Drupal.org forums, but the typical reason given for an RSS feed not working was that the atom feed module was conflicting with it, which isn't the case here. So I looked a little closer at the feed URL.

The site URL looks like:


The URL that clicking the RSS link brought up was:


which is a directory up from where it should be.

Looking in the theme template (siteroot/blog/themes/chosenTheme/page.tpl.php), the link was coded as:

<a href="/node/feed/">RSS</a>

which means "relative to the site ROOT" not "relative to the current document".

Changing it to

<a href="node/feed/">RSS</a>

fixed the problem. The link now comes out


and the feed is indeed there!

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Posted by ellen at September 27, 2006 11:58 AM

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