Create multi-sco learning modules using the Reload Editor: Part III
July 24, 2006
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Reload Editor Tutorial Part III - Adding Attributes

  1. Once you have added some resources, they become available to select in the Referenced elements menu in the Item's Attributes.

    To associate an item with its resource, under Organization, select the item. Its Attributes appear below.

    Reload - referenced Element

  2. You may change the item name at the top of the attributes area to the title of the SCO.

    Reload - Changed Name

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    Posted by ellen at July 24, 2006 09:29 AM

  3. You will notice in the example shown we have three items, but have only 2 resources listed so far. The third item has no resources to choose from. This is because we are going to add a quiz resource, which cannot be imported as we did with the other resource files, since it is a dynamic page which does not actually exist on the server. All we have available for this resource is a URL, which can be used by creating a new resource:

    Right-click the Resources icon, and select Add Resource.

    Reload - add dynamic resource

    Paste in the full LMS launch URL of the quiz or other dynamic content.
    [Note on Questionmark Perception: If you are adding a Questionmark Perception quiz here, you may generate the complicated SCORM launch URL using the Perception Content Packager.]

    Reload - paste in Quiz URL

  4. Now the URL you pasted in is available to be associated to the item.

  5. Reload - select dynamic resource

  6. Add SCORM sequencing information by right-clicking each item and selecting Edit SCORM
  7. Reload - edit scorm

  8. Enter the mastery score for each item as shown. Use 0 for items that should act as if they are unscored.

    Reload - mastery score 80

  9. Use 80 or whatever is appropriate for scored items.

    Reload - mastery score 80

    Before using the Prerequisites settings, check to see if your LMS supports this part of the SCORM 1.2 specification. For example they are not supported by SumTotal 6.5.

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