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May 20, 2009
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Terminology: Open worlds, Games of Exploration, Pervasive Gaming and more

  • An Open World game is one where players can freely roam a virtual world. Usually the
    term is used to describe a game that has objectives and a storyline, but is sometimes used to describe completely open-ended virtual worlds like Second Life.

  • Non-Linear gameplay: Players are presented with challenges that can be completed in more than one order. Nonlinear sequencing may consist of multiple entire plot sequences to complete the game, subplots or small branches off the main plot. 

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    Posted by ellen at May 20, 2009 04:34 PM
  • Sandbox games have no predefined story. An example of this might be the Sims, where the player controls the storyline.

  • Persistent worlds are game-worlds that continue to develop and evolve even when the player is signed off.

  • Pervasive games are games that overlay or are tightly interwoven with the everyday life of the player, often using mobile devices or other technology to provide the link between the player and the game world. Some of the types of pervasive games include: treasure hunts, alternate reality games, pervasive live action role-playing games, urban adventure games, smart street sports, and massively multiplayer mobile games.


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