Dialogs too big in Vista to fit on small laptop screen
November 21, 2008
Usability | Windows

My first attempts to work with Vista have definitely been an "experience". I'm trying to get a Lenovo ThinkPad set up for use primarily for Qwizdom and Powerpoint, which would seem to be well within the limits of what Microsoft intended, but you almost have to wonder if they ever tried Vista on a laptop before releasing it! What a mess!

The default size of windows is often just a little too big for the screen. I've double and triple checked the screen resolution - it is set to maximum. We did set the default font size larger than the minimum because it is too hard to see otherwise.

Yet the windows are all over the place in sizing - sometimes they are correct, sometimes obviously wrong, with title bars above the top of the screen or dialogs with Accept/Cancel buttons below the bottom of the screen.

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Posted by ellen at November 21, 2008 07:20 AM

With normal windows that isn't a big issue but with dialogs, when the Accept and Cancel buttons are below the bottom of the screen, you are very stuck. Sure,you can kill the process in the task manager or hit escape or enter to cancel, but that means you don't get any farther in what you are trying to do.

The window cannot be resized or moved up to where you can see the hidden buttons. The key command "Alt-Spacebar" does not work on dialogs, apparently.

I did finally find a way to get through these mega-dialog-odons, though. If you hit the Tab key a couple of times, then hit the Enter key, that should submit the window.

Hopefully someone will buy Steve Ballmer a ThinkPad before he releases Windows 7.

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