A SCORM-ready template: Part 8B - Create an FLV clip and a wmv clip for captioning.
October 13, 2008
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Posted by ellen at October 13, 2008 08:43 PM
  1. To add Flash Video to your learning module, start by creating your FLV file. You can use any encoder that will output an FLV - probably the easiest to start with is Adobe's Flash CS3 Video Encoder.



  2. Open the Encoder Application and select Preferences from the Help menu (if on windows). Set "Place Output files in:" to


    Navigate to EDrive


    then to "Red5"

    Then to "streams". Click Make New Folder.

    ...then to "oflaDemo/streams". Click Make New Folder.

    Name your folder with the learning module topic.
    Click OK.

    Encode Video files

    Drag your video file in to the encoder window.Drag your video file in to the encoder window.

  3. Drag your video clip into the Flash Video Encoder. Set the output settings at Flash 8 Medium Quality. To ensure it plays well on weaker computers, type "250" in the Max data rate box. To view quality comparisons between various settings on the same video clip, see this test page

    Set the in and out points if you need to crop off opening or closing footage. You can also do this in the playlist by setting a start point and a duration, without altering the video file.

  4. Click "Start Queue" to begin the conversion process. This will encode the file and save it directly to the streaming server.

    Start Queue
    Click "Start Queue"

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