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September 28, 2008
Dotproject | PHP

I run a dotproject site on a hosted server. Once more than a few people began using the site at once, we found that peformance was dropping enough to warrant looking into optimization possibilities. So far, it seems that there are two main steps to take: turn on caching, and add indexes to several tables in the database.

1. Turn on caching in gacl.class.php

In the file gacl.class.php, change the following settings to TRUE and FALSE as shown:

/** @var boolean Caches queries if true */
var $_caching = TRUE;

/** @var boolean Force cache to expire */
var $_force_cache_expire = FALSE;

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Posted by ellen at September 28, 2008 01:12 PM


2. Add indexes to tables

Per a post on the dotproject forums, Re: Speed of dotproject is slow... by
I added indexes as shown to the following tables:

ADD UNIQUE `history_id` (`history_id`),
ADD INDEX `history_date` (`history_item`, `history_table`, `history_date`);

ALTER TABLE projects
ADD INDEX `project_id` (`project_id`, `project_company`, `project_name`),
ADD INDEX `project_percent_complete` (`project_id`, `project_name`, `project_color_identifier`),
ADD INDEX `project_id_company` (`project_company`, `project_id`),
ADD INDEX `project_id_task_search` (`project_id`, `project_company`, `project_name`, `project_color_identifier`);

ALTER TABLE `user_tasks`
ADD INDEX `user_id` (`user_id`, `perc_assignment`),
ADD INDEX `perc_assignment` (`perc_assignment`),
ADD INDEX `task_id` (`task_id`);

ADD INDEX `user_id` (`user_id`, `user_contact`, `user_username`);

After making these changes, the speed was tremendously improved.

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Any chance you can tell me how to implement those index changes? Just drop them in dotproject.sql?

I didn't even know that much! Done now, and it could be my imagination, but I do notice an increase in response! Thank you Ellen!


In my case I also used phpmyadmin to apply indexes. Just clicked on dotproject database and then "sql" tab. Copy-pasted the code from above and made it "Go".

It helped a bit for me. The change wasn't overwhelming but, still, it's visibly faster now. Probably we'll have to wait for 3rd release since they promised to address this problem.



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