Captivate and SumTotal 6.5: Part 2. Enable SCORM output
July 20, 2006


Captivate works well with SumTotal 6.5, but you must be careful to choose the right SCORM settings for exporting your Captivate file. You may set these preferences before you publish, or during the publishing process. Setting preferences before publishing and saving them with the file is probably a little safer, but it can be done either way.

IMPORTANT! Your Captivate module must include at least 1 scored interaction to be SCORM compliant. This can be as simple as a transparent click-box that must be clicked to continue on with the presentation, or it can be an actual interaction that is part of your simulation.

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Posted by ellen at July 20, 2006 02:03 PM To set the SCORM settings up before publishing: select Quiz Manager from the Movie menu.

captivate select Quiz Mgr from movie menu

To set the SCORM settings up while publishing: click on the eLearning output link in the Publish dialog

captivate - publish dialog

The Quiz Manager will appear. You will see the Reporting settings first.

Enable Output Options
Click on Enable output options, and SCORM as shown.

Captivate Quiz Manager reporting settings

Reporting Level

If this is an assessment (graded) module, and you want to report on each interaction that the user performs, select Report interactions and the score from the drop-down menu. If this is a non-interactive demonstration module, or if you don't want interaction data recorded, select Only report the score as shown below:

Captivate only report the score

For an assessment (graded) module, choose Report Pass/Fail. For a non-graded module, you may choose either Complete/Incomplete or Pass/Fail (see quote below). If you want users to always pass no matter what they do (as long as they finish reading through the module), enter "0% or more of total score to pass," and ALSO be sure to set the mastery score (under the "Manifest" button) to 0. Otherwise the manifest setting will override the Captivate setting. i.e., Captivate will report Pass, but the LMS will report Fail. From "Tips and Tricks" whitepaper:

    "When publishing with Captivate, if you select complete/incomplete, and the user fails or fails to finish the lesson, the valueof ���incomplete��� will be reported to the LMS. In the event that the user completes or passes the lesson, the value of complete� will be reported to the LMS. Likewise, if you select pass/fail, then the value of ���pass��� will be used instead of ���complete��� and the value of fail� will be used instead of ���incomplete���."
Report score to LMS as: You MUST report the score to the LMS as a Percent, not raw Score. Select Percent Quiz Pass/Fail settings: Set the percentage to whatever is required to pass this module. For unscored content this would be 0%. For scored content it is usually 80% but can be different if desired. Do not use the bottom raw score setting which reads "__ or more of total score to pass (Maximum score:5)" Manifest: A manifest is an xml file which describes the course structure and characteristics for the LMS. To set it up correctly, click the Manifest button next to the SCORM radio button

The Manifest dialog will appear. SCORM Version is always 1.2 for MLearning. Course: If you already know the LMS catalog course code number, you may enter it under Identifier, using an underscore in place of a hyphen. If you don't know the course code number, just let Captivate determine a unique number for your course. We will add the course number later, in MLearning. SCO: SCO's are the individual chapters or modules within a larger course. If your course consists of only one Captivate file, then your course has one SCO. If your course contains several pieces, for example: several captivate files and a questionmark quiz, it has multiple SCO's. Each SCO can use the same number as the Course, with a distinguishing digit added to the end. You can fill in the Title of the course and sco as desired. Duration and Subject are both optional: duration simply describes how long it takes to complete the course. Subject would be the general subject category this course fits into. Be sure to set the Mastery score the same as the Quiz Pass/Fail settings in the previous dialog. Time allowed, Time limit action are optional and should only be used if you wish to set a time limit on the course.

captivate mastery score

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