Camtasia Studio Editor timeline previews don't show up right
October 26, 2004
Video and Multimedia

In Camtasia Studio, previews of the project I was working on were showing up incorrectly or not at all. The problem would start after a few minutes of editing clips in the timeline. The preview area would either go black or show incorrect frames.

When the Camtasia screen capture Recorder is used, it will automatically ask if you would like hardware acceleration turned off, and will do that for you. However it turns out that the project Editor peformance is also improved when hardware acceleration is turned off, but that must be done manually.

To do so, right-click on the desktop, select "Properties" then the "settings" tab, then click the "Advanced" button, then select "Troubleshooting" tab, and move the hardware acceleration slider back to None.

The setting is buried in nested menus, but it works.

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Posted by ellen at October 26, 2004 11:22 AM


I downloaded a trial of Camtasia Studio 3 and have this problem. Unfortunately, I have Windows Vista and the option to change the Hardware Acceration Slider is disabled so it can't be changed. Do you know if this Timeline Preview problem exists in all versions of Camtasia Studio or just older version?

I used the newest version recently and did not have a problem but I am using a new computer also, and am not sure how I have the settings configured.

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