Where to go when you have Final Cut Pro questions or problems
September 26, 2003
FinalCut Pro

I've found these forums to be particularly useful in helping me solve my Final Cut Pro 4 issues.

Apple.com's FCP discussions
Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro
Creative Cow Forums

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Posted by ellen at September 26, 2003 08:49 AM


I.m losing picture quality (pixillating) when I convert my movie to Quicktime. I;ve applied best rendering. Anybody help?

On another matter entirely, my G4 twin process. Mac crashes a lot despite 1500mg Ram and two 120 gig hard drives.

Any info appreciated

hello dear
i want to learn finalcut pro , can you tell me some informaiton about how can i work on it ?if you can help me i become very please,thanks alot.
the best wishes

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