Use php to display a list of Moveable Type articles on any webpage.
April 27, 2003

I liked the page design of my php-based home page, and didn't want to roll it into Moveable type. But I wanted a list of articles to appear, and update automatically as I add entries. Taking a cue from this tip on the Moveable Type support forum:
" Show related content from a blog on another's page",
in my blog, I created a New Archive Template on the template screen named "Category Links" with this in it:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="MT2blog/styles.css" type="text/css" /> <div class="categoryLinks"> <MTArchiveList archive_type="Category"> <$MTArchiveTitle$><br /> <MTEntries> <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a><br /> </MTEntries> </MTArchiveList> </div>

In the Weblog Config under Archiving, I checked Category and selected Category Archive (this lists all the entries by category).
In the Archive Filename line next to this new line, I added:




This will be the name of the file generated by this archiving method - "allcategory_links.html". On my home page, I added this "include" to pick up that generated page:

if (file_exists($filename)) { include($filename);}?>

Or download code here

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Posted by ellen at April 27, 2003 05:18 PM

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