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November 12, 2005
This virtual museum is an ever-changing scrapbook of my favorite artists. It is the kind of art collection I would like to build.

The museum is online for my personal use and educational use only. Wherever possible I will provide links to sites or books where you can find more information about each artist.

When I have been able to contact the artists, their permission has been requested, and noted on the page. If you are one of the artists, and have NOT given me permission, please contact me to get a formal request.


Fair use: All images are copyright of the artists or sites they are stored on. More information on the relevant parts of fair use rules are HERE.

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Posted by ellen at November 12, 2005 10:44 AM Outside In: Outsider Art and Crafts Renew the Fine Arts

With the opening of The Folk Art Museum, the American Visionary Art Museum, The American Craft Museum, and others like them, museum curators have affirmed a broader definition of art. Or perhaps a better description is that they have attempted to follow a shift in the mainstream of creativity. No matter what, it is certain that any collection of contemporary art will have to include objects from all the arts, to include the best of what is being created today.

It's hard not to notice the astonishing creativity in the decorative and commercial arts in the last decade: stamping and paper crafts, polymer clay, multimedia, graphic design, illustration, calligraphy, furniture and industrial design, and even in comics, graffiti, tattooing, and action figure design.

A few years ago, the term "outsider art" was coined to denote any style that did not fit within the traditional confines of the fine arts. But within a few years, the phrase has already lost much of its original meaning as it broadens almost daily to include more and more. A sense of the difficulty of pinning down just what is "outside" and what is "inside" is seen at the various museum sites, when their mission statements all encompass a page or more of floundering between styles, education or psychiatric condition of the artist, and intended use.

Perhaps it's time to consider the possibility that like a moebius strip, the outside IS now the inside. Just as Duchamp and Picasso indicated so long ago, and as most other cultures have known for ages, art is where you see it.

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