Windows Media Player not responding to Player.controls.stop command
October 14, 2004
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I have been working on a fancy player interface that can be integrated into web pages, which features several tabs - each of which stops one player and starts another. I had a script called "shutOffAllPlayers" which stops all players at once, and is called when you click on any tab:

function shutOffAllPlayers ()

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Posted by ellen at October 14, 2004 10:37 PM

Then in the onClick statement for each tab, I put

Javascript:shutOffAllPlayers ()

This was working well until today, when I upgraded Windows 2000 with a variety of security patches. Now for some reason it no longer works. Once a player starts, it keeps on going, even when another tab is clicked. I tried using



(which worked in earlier versions of Windows Media Player) but neither worked.

However I found that putting the specific stop command right in the onClick statement itself does work. So it now looks like:
"Javascript:Player1.controls.stop; etc..."
which stops the player just as it should.

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