Photoshop Battles - Art with attitude
June 20, 2003

In the increasingly popular "BattleBay" format, multiple opponents create a smooth vertical or horizontal transition from the previous image to their own new one, usually incorporating the web version of graffiti tags (their web name or their site URL) and any appropriate symbolism. It helps to have a very cool name, and a logo so you can be inserted in people's "respect" areas. All the efforts are combined in a single long horizontal or vertical scrolling page.

Artists with confidence in their Photoshop Chops are battling it out all over the web. Photoshop Battles (sometimes called Photoshop Tennis) allow you to smackdown your opponent with nothing more than a Wacom Pen and overwhelming ego. One person creates a file in Photoshop and sends it off to their opponent, who then adds a layer and "improves" the image, usually covering it up almost entirely with their own contribution.

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Posted by ellen at June 20, 2003 09:34 AM

I believe the originators of Photoshop Tennis were Coudal Partners, in their Photoshop Tennis area, and their volleys tend to have a little more humor (not to mention commentary) than many of the BattleBay efforts I've seen so far.

Good places to start: -
Graphic Forums Battle Grid
Brainpixels Community Battle Arena

Nice BattleBays:

Björgvin Gudmundsson

Photoshop Tennis:

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