I recently had to move a form from a webpage into Qualtrics. We have a list of about 300 locations which had been in standard select menu format:

<option value="Howell Pediatrics">Howell Pediatrics</option>
 <option value="Hurley Medical Center">Hurley Medical Center</option>
 <option value="KMS Fusion Building">KMS Fusion Building</option>
 <option value="Kellog Eye Center (Clinic Bldg)">Kellog Eye Center (Clinic Bldg)</option>
 <option value="Kellogg Eye Center (Research Bldg)">Kellogg Eye Center (Research Bldg)</option>
 <option value="Kidney Epidemiology Cost Center (KECC)">Kidney Epidemiology Cost Center (KECC)</option>
 <option value="Kresge Hearing Research Institute">Kresge Hearing Research Institute</option>
 <option value="Kresge Medical Research I">Kresge Medical Research I</option>
 <option value="Kresge Research Building II">Kresge Research Building II</option>
 <option value="Laundry Services Bldg">Laundry Services Bldg</option>
 <option value="Learning Resources Center">Learning Resources Center </option>
 <option value="Life Sciences Institute">Life Sciences Institute</option>
 <option value="Livonia Health Center">Livonia Health Center</option>
 <option value="Livonia Specialty Care">Livonia Specialty Care</option>
 <option value="Lloyd A C Memorial Laboratory">Lloyd A C Memorial Laboratory</option>
 <option value="M-Care/Commonwealth">M-Care/Commonwealth</option>
 etc. etc...

What I needed for Qualtrics was just a simple clean list of locations, with no tags or punctuation.¬†There are probably a lot of ways to do this cleanup, but here’s how I did it.
In BBEdit, I first did a standard search and replace for

 <option value="

with nothing.

search and replace
search and replace

Then a quick Grep Search and replace:


(replacing it with nothing)
Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 4.41.21 PM
which removes everything including and after the quotation mark and right angle bracket. Result:

Howell Pediatrics
 Hurley Medical Center
 KMS Fusion Building
 Kellog Eye Center (Clinic Bldg)
 Kellogg Eye Center (Research Bldg)
 Kidney Epidemiology Cost Center (KECC)
 Kresge Hearing Research Institute
 Kresge Medical Research I
 Kresge Research Building II
 Laundry Services Bldg
 Learning Resources Center
 Life Sciences Institute
 Livonia Health Center
 Livonia Specialty Care
 Lloyd A C Memorial Laboratory
 etc. etc...