@media statements in stylesheets are fine for defining responsive css  changes that activate when the browser window dimensions fall within a certain size range, but what about when you want to activate a javascript function whenever the window is resized, or when it reaches a specific size?

In the example below, jQuery is used to bind a simple function to the window.resize event. The function creates a smoothly changing display in the upper right corner of the window, document and screen dimensions.

Continuously updating metrics

if($("body").hasClass( "metrics" )){
     $(window).bind("resize", changemetrics);
 function changemetrics(){
     var wheight = $(window).height(); // returns height of browser viewport
     var dheight = $(document).height(); // returns height of HTML document
     var wwidth = $(window).width(); // returns width of browser viewport
     var dwidth = $(document).width(); // returns width of HTML document
     var sheight = screen.height;
     var swidth = screen.width; 
      $('#screenmetrics').html( 'window height ='+ wheight+', window width'+wwidth+'doc width='+dwidth+', doc height ='+dheight+ 'sheight= '+sheight+ ', swidth='+swidth);