Wow, it seems I’ve been blogging for 10 years now! I started using Movable Type (to blog about installing Movable Type, of course) way back in 2003, but now it is time for a change. MovableType just issued a security vulnerability alert, and I found that the upgrade would cost between 300 and 500.00. The high cost of the new license, slow improvement of the code and usabilty and declining community surrounding Movable Type has made a switch to another blogging platform unavoidable.

I had been worried about the conversion process, but it was much easier to convert than I thought: Typepad 2 WordPress converted my Movable Type export file within a few minutes for $49.00. Then, despite their warnings about how a shared host might not permit lengthy WordPress import processes to complete, the import into WordPress using the ReadyMade WordPress Importer plugin took only a few minutes on Hostgator, and completed without error. It converted all the categories, internal links and images.

This is just the start of some nice changes, folks! I hope you like it!