Movable Type has a built in container tag


which is often used to show the “More” part of a long entry, or anything else that should be displayed only if the entry is extended:

<div>Special text or page elements for Extended Entries go here</div>

But what if you want something to show up only if the entry is NOT extended? There is no corresponding <MTEntryIfNotExtended> tag.

Fortunately that functionality is simple to replicate using Movable Type variables.

Create a new template variable called “isExtended” and set it to 0, which will be the default, unless the entry is Extended.
<mt:Var name="isExtended" value="0">

Add an MTEntryIfExtended container tag, and inside it, change the value of “isExtended” to 1. This means that it will equal 1 only if the entry is Extended.  This must come before the next code block.

<mt:SetVar name="isExtended" value="1">

Add an mt:If container tag that checks the value of “isExtended” and inside it, add the special text or page elements that should appear only if the entry is NOT extended.

<mt:If name="isExtended" eq="0">
<div>Special text or page elements for Non-extended Entries go here</div>