Flame Painter is a procedural painting application by Peter Blaškovič available on http://www.escapemotions.com/.

There are three brush types in Flame Painter: Flame, Follow and Ribbon. Each produces an amazing variety of results depending on the settings chosen.

The images below show the results of small changes in the settings of the “Flame” brush. Click any image to see it enlarged.
screenshot_2011-03-01 437393264122244180473 screenshot_2011-03-01421011836231321548277 screenshot_2011-03-01367412232540710278477 screenshot_2011-03-01352041676523324664961 screenshot_2011-03-01377892255495551568329 screenshot_2011-03-01345426344777779570477 screenshot_2011-09-294745309784732300509