A SCORM-Ready Template Tutorial Series, Part 4: Add Qualtrics Quizzes to your Module
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Add an entry for the Qualtrics quiz to the module’s page array

  1. If you aren’t familiar with using the pageArray to add pages to your learning module, see Creating the Navigation.

  2. Copy and paste the sample Qualtrics quiz entry into your pageArray.
     {buttonTitle:'Qualtrics test', title:'',url:'qualtricsWrap.htm?href=https://umichumhs.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4N65iNij70e29ms',chapter:11,level:1, type:'U', quiz:'2761832350879729', qmax:10 },

  3. Instructions: what the settings in the code mean
    • buttonTitle: a short title that will show up on the navigation button. Note: if you need to use apostrophes or quotation marks in the title, they must be preceded by a backslash: ( or )
    • title: Leave “title” blank.
    • url: for Qualtrics quizzes, “url” should always point to

      where yourbrand is replaced by your company’s qualtrics brand if you have one (otherwise, just use “qualtrics.com”) and surveynumber represents the unique survey ID number for your Qualtrics quiz. You will find that number on the end of the link to your survey that Qualtrics provides.

    • chapter and level are handled as usual (as described in Creating the Navigation).
    • type should always be ‘U‘ for Qualtrics quizzes.
    • quiz must be a unique (unique within this module) 12-digit number that starts with any digit but zero.
    • countscore can be either 1 or 0, for scoring or non-scoring quiz as desired.
    • qmax should be the maximum raw score for the quiz. This is necessary mainly if the user gets a “zero” score, because Qualtrics does not yet provide a “total raw score” parameter, so we are calculating that from raw score and percent score, except when Raw Score = 0. If you the user earns 0 points, we use whatever you set as “qmax” If you aren’t sure, just put “10”.

A SCORM-Ready Template Tutorial Series, Part 4: Add Qualtrics Quizzes to your Module
<< Part 4F. Qualtrics Quizzes – LMS-related settings | Part 5A. Captivate Quizzes – Introduction >>

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