The new version of the Google Docs Document Editor has a lot of features, but a few are only available in the old version of the document editor. These include editing in HTML or CSS, or offline document access via Google Gears. I got used to having access to the CSS stylesheets, and so I set Google Docs’ preferences to create all new documents in the OLD version of the editor. 

Select the version of the editor in Documents Preferences, as shown below:

Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 6.21.33 PM.jpg

But when I needed to create an “A3” sized document recently, I was surprised to see how limited the available sizes were: 


Very few sizes at all, and definitely no A3! Off I went to the Help Center. Oddly for a Search company, searching their Help Center is an incredibly frustrating experience. Querying on “A3”, “Page Sizes”, “Print sizes” all generate a lot of useless or misleading results. 

Searching the Help Forums pulled up some useful but not current information:

To create custom sizes in Google Docs, go to File > Edit CSS and type in 

        @page { size: A3 landscape !important; }

This appeared to work at first, but on closer inspection created a wide document whose size was not rigidly controlled on screen and could not be printed at that size.

Finally I completely recreated the document in the new version of the editor and found that many new page sizes are available, including A3. 


So be careful about selecting the old editor – you lose some control by using the new one, but it may be worth it.