I’ve been using DimDim lately to share screens and host impromptu meetings. I recently hosted a three-person meeting for the purpose of screensharing an application we were all working on. Previous meetings of this type had gone well, but this time we kept having problems with “Another meeting room running” errors which prevented screensharing.

I didn’t notice that this time, several of us were using Safari. This problem appears to be a known issue with the Snow Leopard DimDim plugin installation. You have the choice of either switching to Firefox (I found this did not work, but it may have been because I had already started the meeting in Safari) or you can open Safari in 32 bit mode. 

  1. Quit Safari (Safari > Quit)
  2. Open the Applications Folder, right-click the Safari icon and select Get Info from the popup menu. 
  3. Click the checkbox next to Open in 32-bit mode and close the Info window.

Screen shot 2010-02-25 at 5.18.03 PM.jpg