In the last year or so, I got used to being able to export to just about any format from Quicktime Pro using Quicktime Conversions. When I upgraded to Snow Leopard, I installed Flip4Mac’s Snow Leopard-compatible beta build and tried to export to Windows Media. The speed with which the progress bar was moving was truly awe-inspiring, but it would only complete 30 seconds of the video.

Apparently this is a symptom of a much larger shift by Apple away from the functionality of Quicktime Pro. There IS no Quicktime X pro, as far as I can tell, but you can backtrack and install an optional Snow Leopard-compatible version of QuickTime 7 Pro (assuming you had a Quicktime Pro license previously) from the SnowLeopard Install disk.

It would be interesting to know the strategy behind this, because there are plenty of us that rely on all those features. In any case I installed QuickTime 7 today and the video exported without a problem, and screamingly fast. What a change from the early days of Flip4Mac!