With Fall coming, it’s time for Corn mazes. There are loads of them to find in Google Earth. Here are a few to get you started, including the Google Earth KML files. In England, they mostly do crop circles, and it’stoo late in the year, they’re all harvested by now, but next year be sure to look for them.

Crot’s Corn Maze (near Temperance, Michigan)

Crots corn maze
Download KML file for Crot’s Corn Maze

Fun Acres Corn Maze (South Rockwood, Michigan)

Picture 30.jpeg
Fun Acres Corn Maze and Family Fun Farm.kml

Helwig Farms (Monroe, Michigan)

Picture 31.jpeg
Helwig Farms.kml

Portland Oregon
Picture 3.jpeg
Corn Maze in Portland OR.kml

Maize Valley Winery Corn Maze in Hartville, OH
Picture 3.jpeg
Maize Valley Winery, Farmer’s Market, and Corn Maze.kml