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Continuing with our travels in Colorado last September

After leaving Grand Junction we drove south on 50 toward Montrose on our way to Ouray, but decided to take a detour to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The Canyon out to be one of the most dramatic sights on the whole trip. The Black Canyon is a massive gorge cut through PreCambrian rocks by the Gunnison River. It is vast enough so the far side is slightly hazy, contributing to the astonishing sense of depth from the edge.

Picture 8.jpeg

Take a virtual world tour down the Canyon in Google Earth! Download this KML file
Double click to open in Google Earth, then click Play as shown:

Coffee in Montrose, CO We stopped at Jovis Coffee on our way through Montrose. They gave us a cup of coffee art that was almost too pretty to drink.
IMG_1604 Route 347 crosses rolling hills, scrub vegetation and rustic looking ranches.
IMG_1618 Fall color on the hills on the way to the Canyon
IMG_1610 Ranch entrance
<IMG_1614 Free range cows just outside a pasture
black canyon of the gunnison First view of the Canyon
Black Canyon of the Gunnison Crow atop a rocky cliff overlooking the canyon

Pegmatite Dikes are visible throughout the gorge, consisting of quartz, feldspar and mica
Black Canyon of the Gunnison View down the river