The fastest way to grab a YouTube video for Powerpoint? If you can’t count on internet access at the lecture hall, you will need to download the video in a format compatible with Powerpoint. YouTube videos are Flash Video format (FLV) which Powerpoint isn’t really very good at handling yet.

  1. It’s easiest to download and convert in one step: go to one of the free online media conversion services and paste in the YouTube video URL.

    Some free video conversion services:

    (Thanks to CultCase for the list)

  2. Convert to Windows Media format
  3. Put the your Powerpoint file into its own folder and add the video file you just created to the same folder. If you transfer the Powerpoint file to another computer or to a thumbdrive, move the entire folder, because Powerpoint does not keep track of the path to the video.
  4. Open the Powerpoint file, select “Insert Movies and Sounds > Movie from File” and select your movie file. This will embed the file into the Powerpoint. Powerpoint will probably ask you to choose whether to play the movie automatically when the slide loads or on click.