My first attempt at a Google Gadget is now available, ready to contribute to your information overload and general level of anxiety. When loaded, “The Daily Bailout” widget shows you a random bailout from a list starting with the buyout of Countrywide Mortgages.

Researching this little gadget has been an eye opener because of the sheer size of the numbers involved. For example, did you know that the bailouts so far this year exceed all US bailouts in history combined? Did you know that some of the banks that appeared to be bailing other banks and companies out are actually themselves in serious trouble? This list could become very long before this is over.

In any case, you can add the gadget to your webpage by clicking this link:

Add to iGoogle

If you can take it, click the “Show All” button to see all the bad news at once, or click “Show Latest to show the most recent one.