Over the last couple of years, Microsoft Producer has become less and less of a viable option for synching powerpoint and video. Probably because of browser changes, it works on less browsers than before, and is no longer compatible even with Powerpoint 2007. So I went in search of a Flash-based replacement for MS Producer. I’ve found it in the Rich-Media-Project’s Rich-Media Pack I.

RMP I features 4 components: A Flash-Paper “player”, an FLV video player, a slide list and a media playlist. You create a flash-paper version of the powerpoint or word document, then synch it to the video with XML. The playlist is generated by another xml file, and the captions are created using a third XML file.
The only thing missing is an easy way to create the XML files, so I am creating templates for the captions and slide list XML files in Subtitle workshop. Below is the code for the Custom Format file for the captions:

[Information] Name=RichMediaProjectCaptions Extension=*.xml Time structure=hh:mm:ss.zzz Time=True FPS=29,97 New line char=

[Format text] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <captions> {RepeatSub} <item> <tcIn>{swStart}</tcIn> <tcOut>{swEnd}</tcOut> <text>{swText}</text> </item> {EndRepeat} </captions>