Working on a Dreamweaver site the other day, I tried to paste text from an email into the page. When CTR-V didn’t work, I tried the menu – but the paste option was grayed out.

It turns out this has something to do with having moved the site files panel over to the left monitor. (Yet another glitch in Window’s implementation of a two monitor setup.)

The solution is:

Close DW8 and Navigate as follows:
– Documents and settings
– Administrator or whatever your user account name is
– Application data
– Macromedia
– DW8
– rename the “configuration” folder

Restart Dreamweaver 8 – the problem should be gone.

Dreamweaver recreates the configuration folder which apparently fixes the problem. You can then delete the renamed folder.
Thanks to Pat Jones and Phil on the Macromedia Dreamweaver Google Group for the answer to this bug.

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