I am happy to say that this site has been updated to the latest version of MoveableType with no serious problems at all.

My old templates all worked. The old database converted without any issues. Overall the basic installation took about 45 minutes, with me being extra careful and backing things up several ways.

Comments are back on!
The new comment features are WONDERFUL. I have turned commenting back ON and someone has already made a genuine comment! I feel like awarding him a prize! Of course there have also been about 150 junk comments, but they were easily disposed of.

The items that depended on old plugins that worked only with the older version needed to be readjusted:

  • My subcategories had to be re-arranged using the new interface.
  • The “links-mentioned” plugin needs to be reinstalled or something – I haven’t looked into that yet.
  • I had a fair number of entries that depended on the quickcode plugin for formatting. The plugin probably exists out there but I have been converting them all to standard HTML. Let me know if you find a badly formatted entry.
  • I give the new version two thumbs up so far!

    The only bugs I’ve encountered so far have to do with trying out all the new plugins. The alogblog plugin killed the “editable date” part of the edit-entry screen, and also the “save” button – it would give a “clearDirty” function not found javascript error. Shutting off the unnecessary plugins and clearing out the alt-tmpl folder corrected the problem.