One day, about 6 months ago, spam comments started showing up in this blog, with generic messages, advertising poker sites, porn sites, or weird search sites that seemed to be clearinghouses for other spam sites. After doing some research I first changed the name of the comments and trackback script files in my MoveableType setup. This pretty much stopped the spam.

Then later I installed MTBlacklist as well. However I noticed after a while that I was getting fewer real comments, and assumed that the name change on the comment script might have made trouble for the real commenters, although when I tested it, it seemed to work.

So, I change the name of the script back – and soon was deluged with spam comments for, which strangely is just a loop page that links only to itself. I am not even sure how that link benefits the real poker site which must surely exist somewhere. The world of spam is byzantine, and they seem to be coming up with new and better ways to “get” us every day.

In any case, MTBlacklist functioned well in allowing me to delete all instances of those comments, but I decided I’d rather not even have to bother, and changed the name again. Since then, I only get real comments.