Here are the steps I use to create a new captioning file in Subtitle Workshop.

  1. Create a new file. (File–>New Subtitle–>Save–>Select a format, then double click its icon–>in Save AS dialog, Browse to chosen location, type in a file name, and hit “save” )
  2. Under “Movie,” open the video you want to caption.
  3. Hit the insert key to create a new caption line.
  4. Type control-space to start it playing: this toggles play/pause.
  5. Listen to a single phrase (just as much as you can remember!)
  6. Hit control-space to pause playback, then alt-v, to set the end of that caption’s duration.
  7. Type what you just heard
  8. Hit insert key to begin a new subtitle one millisecond after the last
  9. Control-space resumes playback
  10. Listen to a second phrase.
  11. repeat

My new article on captioning for Windows Media and Quicktime with Subtitle Workshop – complete step-by-step instructions from start to finish:A guide to Captioning Windows Media and QuickTime Using Subtitle Workshop. (membership required)

Take a look at the info page for more on Subtitle Workshop HERE.